Q & A 20-444-26-0730-03

Questions & Answers 20-444-26-0730-03 - Gambling Disorder Services

Q1: Can SUPR funded SUD treatment organizations that are not in the Central and southern regions of the state apply for this NOFO?

A1:  Although this NOFO encourages applications in the Central and Southern regions of the state, there is a wide need for gambling services throughout the state and funding is available. Providers throughout the state are strongly encouraged to apply.

Q2: Can grant funding support a provider paying for the certification before and/or after the exam is passed?

A2: Before yes. After the exam, It's the responsibility of the agency or clinician.

Q3: Can time spent in the training be allowed to be billed to community intervention?

A3: Yes.

Q4: Question 3: Does the 30-hour plus CADC meet the certification requirements or do staff need to get the Credential for Problem Gambling available through IOADAPCA?

A4: The 30 hour plus CADC does meet the certification requirement. However, it is important to note that the 30-hour training is designed to prepare clinicians to sit for the state exam for the PCGC.

Q5: Question 4: Will all staff that work with clients with suspected or diagnosed gambling disorders need to attend the IDHS 30-hour training? Or is this requirement just for designated staff?

A5: Yes. Those that are not dedicated will not be able to provide community intervention and recovery support services.

Q6: Since the entire application must be sequentially page numbered, should the Proposal Narrative be page numbered?

A6: Yes.

Q7: Would you please clarify that when it states that a "single proposal in pdf" must be submitted, that it is only the proposal narrative that should be submitted in "a single [pdf] file" (and the required attachments per Part H are still to be in separate pdf files)?

A7: The language regarding the submission of the proposal under the heading "Proposal narrative Content" refers to the narrative itself. All other attachments as directed are to be submitted via "pdf" separately.

Q8: After Section C, "Description of Program Services," Section C-4, there are 3 additional questions that "designated programs" must address.  What Section letter and number(s) should be used in the Proposal Narrative for responses to the 3 additional questions that designated programs must address?

A8: The three additional questions for Designated Programs are to be addressed under Section C: Description of Program Services. This may be accomplished by continuing the series of numbers (i.e. 5,6,7).