New Birdseye Software for DDD

Illinois Department of Human Services

Division of Developmental Disabilities

Information Bulletin

DD.19.011 FINAL


This Information Bulletin notifies all providers and stakeholders of the Division of Developmental Disabilities' implementation of the Birdseye application. Independent Service Coordination (ISC) agencies will use the Birdseye system for submission and processing ALL of the following funding and termination requests:

Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA 60D & 65H); (Form IL462-4425)

Community Day Services Only w/no other DDD services (CDS 31U & 31C); (Form IL462-1248)

Home Based Services, both Adult and Children (AHBS and CHBS); (Form IL462-1248)

Purchase of Services, Including: (Form IL462-1248)

  •  Children's Group Homes (CGH 17D)
  •  Child Care Institution (CCI 19D)
  •  Community Living Facilities (67D, 67E & 67O)

Alternative Day Programs, Including: (Form IL462-0285)

  •  Other Day Program (30U)
  •  Senior Day Services (35U)
  •  At Home Day Services (37U)
  •  Supported Employment (39U & 39G)

Billable Supports, Including:

  •  Additional Staff Supports Initial (53R & 53D) (IL462-4424)
  •  Additional Staff Supports Long-Term (53R & 53D) (IL462-4424)
  •  Adaptive Equipment Requests (53E) (IL462-1301)
  •  Assistive Technology Requests (53T) (IL462-1301)
  •  Crisis Services (53C) (HBS Only) (IL462-5900)
  •  Dietician Services (52D)
  •  Minor Home Modification Requests (53H) (IL462-1301)
  •  Minor Vehicle Modification Requests (53V) (IL462-1301)
  • Occupational Therapy (52O) (IL462-1302)
  •  Physical Therapy (52P) (IL462-1302)
  •  Speech and Language Therapy (52S) (IL462-1302)

Other Changes, Including:

  •  Termination from DDD services or programs (STAR form IL462-2028)
  •  Bed Hold requests (IL462-2027)
  • Updating a person's:
  • (Use the Individual's Pre-Printed Turnaround Form w/ applicable supporting documentation)
    • Name,
    • SSN,
    • RIN,
    • ICAP Score,
    • MBI Score;
    • Ambulatory Status,
    • Nursing Information,
    • CILA Address, or
    • Working Capacity of a CILA Site

Exclusions for Birdseye are listed at the end of this Information Bulletin.


The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) in conjunction with the State's DoIT Information Technology Department and Provisio Partners, a consultant and software development company, have been working together for the past two and a half years to develop a new software system called Birdseye. Birdseye will electronically process virtually all funding requests, terminations and updates submitted to the DDD. The need for this new software system is vital for the DDD to continue its mission of processing the funding requests, authorizations for services and funding necessary for community providers to serve persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities in Illinois. The Birdseye system is replacing several Lotus spreadsheet applications which the DDD has been using for over 20 years to calculate rates, generate written communication (Award Letters) as well as transmit enrollment, termination and rate information to the department's mainframe computer.

We believe the Birdseye system will be the cornerstone for the DDD to be able to process funding requests, maintain data, generate correspondence, authorize individual enrollments to and dis-enrollments from DD services and supports and hopefully in the future streamline the billing and reporting systems currently in place.


Individuals requesting and receiving DD services should see no change in how their funding requests are processed or in the services being provided. Community Service Providers will continue to initiate funding and termination requests as they have in the past. The required attachments and supporting documents will also remain the same. The current process for community service providers will remain the same. All funding and termination requests must be submitted through the Independent Service Coordination (ISC) Agents. ISC agents have been submitting funding and termination requests to the DDD through the Birdseye system for many months.

What is now changing are updates such as ICAP Score changes, Nursing updates, change of address, etc., submitted using the Turnaround Form. The person's Turnaround Form will no longer be sent directly to the DDD. ALL updates previously submitted to the DDD using the person's Turnaround Form MUST now be submitted to the appropriate ISC agent who will electronically submit the request to the DDD through the Birdseye System. This assures all data in Birdseye and the internal DHS/DDD systems is synchronized.

  • Please immediately begin sending requests and updates using each person's individualized Pre-Printed Turnaround Form through your ISC.
  • As of June 30, 2019, the DDD will no longer process any funding requests or individual information updates unless it is received through Birdseye.
  • Any Turnaround forms sent to the DDD will be rejected and the sender will be notified the request must be submitted through the ISC and Birdseye.

Site Identification Numbers:

All CILA providers should have noticed the inclusion in the bottom right corner of all CILA Rate Sheets and Turnaround Forms of an Address ID, Site ID and BALC Site ID. These identification numbers will be a vital component of the new Birdseye system. The DDD will no longer manually enter site information. All agency, site, ISC, working capacity, night shift awake or asleep and rate information will be determined by the Site ID being submitted with the person's funding request. Purchase of Services (POS) (Bill/Program Codes: 17D, 19D, 41D, 65H, 67D, 67E and 67O) will have this information added to their Rate Sheets and Turnaround Forms in the near future.

Before July 1, 2019, the DDD will develop a form for CILA and POS providers to submit requests for new CILA and POS sites to have a Site Identification Number assigned and for existing CILA and POS sites to have rate setting information updated. The Site ID process will be in addition to notifying the Bureau of Accreditation, Licensure and Certification (BALC). The DDD will announce the Site ID form and process via a future Information Bulletin.

As of July 1, 2019, the ISC will not be able to forward, nor will the DDD be able to process a CILA or POS funding request without the correct Site ID being entered into Birdseye with the person's CILA or POS funding request. As stated above the Site ID will be used to process a CILA or POS funding request and will determine the provider, address, ISC and rate for the funding request.

Funding requests and individual updates for people funded through both Adult and Children's Home-Based Services (AHBS & CHBS) and Community Day Services Only will NOT have a Site ID. Site IDs ONLY apply for CILA and POS funded people.

ISC Acceptance and Processing of Funding Requests and Individual Information Updates:

Each ISC agent has been sending funding requests to the DDD through the Birdseye system for many months. The ISC part of the Birdseye process has been working very well. The ISC agents are also aware that they will now be processing individual updates and changes previously submitted directly to the DDD.

Part of the ISC requirement in submitting a funding request has been to assure all required and applicable attachments and supporting documents are included with each funding request. As stated above there is no change to the required or applicable documents when submitting a funding request or update of an individual's information. Part of the Birdseye system assures required and applicable attachments are included with the request BEFORE it can be sent to the DDD. This is accomplished by the ISC having to save individual attachments with a common naming convention. When a provider submits a funding request to the ISC via a paper format the ISC saves each attachment using the applicable naming convention. Electronic funding requests have required the ISC to also save required and applicable attachments using the required naming conventions.

Going forward it will be at each ISC's discretion whether they will accept funding requests submitted electronically with the required and applicable supporting document attachments saved as one document. The preferred method to submit funding requests electronically to the ISC would be for service providers to appropriately name each required and applicable supporting document using the applicable naming convention. In other words, sending the ISC a funding request electronically with all required documents saved as one attachment may not be accepted by the ISC and will cause your agency delays in processing your funding request. ISC agents who will no longer accept funding requests without individually named documents will provide you with the required naming conventions for each required and applicable document depending upon the type of funding request or individual information update.

If you have questions regarding the implementation of the Birdseye system please feel free to direct questions to George Bengel at George.Bengel@Illinois.Gov.

Birdseye Exclusions:

The Birdseye system will NOT handle any ICF/IDD or ICF/IDD Day Program related requests. Please continue to forward paper ICF/IDD Day Program enrollments and dis-enrollments on form (IL444-2768) to Erica Rivera at 600 E Ash St., Building 400, Mail Stop 2S, Springfield, IL, 62703.

Birdseye will NOT handle SODC Day Program enrollment or dis-enrollments. SODC staff will continue to forward paper SODC Day Program enrollments and dis-enrollments on form (DHS/DDD 1249) to Joyce McGrady at 600 E Ash St., Building 400, Mail Stop 2S, Springfield, IL, 62703.

Birdseye will NOT handle BOGARD paperwork. The BOGARD ISCs need to continue sending the following information to Joyce McGrady:

  • Prior Approval requests for Individual's Personal Expenses (75V) for BOGARD specialized Services;
  • Prior Approval Requests for Authorizations to exceed the monthly maximum for the BOGARD specialized services Program; and
  • Information regarding BOGARD individuals that would change their BOGARD flags or client types in the Community Reimbursement System (CRS), i.e. changes in the individual's residential setting and date of death.

The Regular Work 38U program / bill code is not listed in funding requests listed above. As of July 1, 2019, the DDD will eliminate the Regular Work 38U program/bill code. People currently funded for the 38U program/bill code will be changed to another program/bill code. Information about this change will be forthcoming in a separate information bulletin.

Working Capacity changes for CILA sites will be addressed through the "Site Identification" process which will be covered under a separate Information Bulletin.

The information contained herein should not be considered a substitute for the appropriate official statutes, rules, regulations, or the advice of legal counsel.

Effective Date:

Immediately upon final publication