Mental Health Awareness Month

Dear Providers,

We are reaching out to you with some resources for this years' Mental Health Awareness Month (May) and ask you to respond by the 30th with a list of events you have planned to commemorate the month. Below are the national and state events, a listing of topics related to each, and social media messaging which can be copied and pasted onto your websites, printed materials, etc.


  • Color: Green! (ribbons, posters, t-shirts, balloons, illumination of buildings & monuments)
  • Month of May: Mental Health Awareness Month/National (reduction of stigmatizing behavioral health issues, increasing awareness, educating about peer/lived experience support, understanding trauma, increase participation in Mental Health First Aid trainings, suicide reduction efforts, community education, etc.)
  • Thursday May 9th: Children's Mental Health Awareness Day/National (Continue public education on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), trauma-informed care, the importance of trusted adults in the lives of children, reduction of stigmatizing behavioral health issues, increased awareness of early signs and symptoms of trauma and mental illness in children and youth at home and school, bullying prevention, championing the rights of children to live in homes and attend schools that are safe, nurturing environments; learning to talk to children and youth about trauma, violence, and suicide in age-appropriate segments; developing an integrated Mental Health First AID for Youth training program in your community, etc.)
    • Post your events on the national Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health Website, and check out what other states are doing here:
    • Free download guides, fact sheets and fabulous infographic from The Youth Mental Health Project:
    • Please note the SAMHSA Children's Mental Health Awareness Day kick-off is May 6th with the day being commemorated the 9th.

* Wednesday May 15th: Trauma Informed Awareness Day/State of IL (Educate public on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and their effects on physical and behavioral health; the concept of toxic stress arising from prolonged periods of exposure to strong, frequent or prolonged stress in childhood; the role of early intervention and investment in early childhood years as important strategies to overcome trauma and build resiliency as well as reduce serious health concerns; highlight the impact of trauma and the importance of prevention and community resilience through trauma-informed care, etc.)

Messaging and tags for your social media and printed material campaigns:

Printable flyer:

Thank you we look forward to spreading hope and recovery in the Month of May, and always!

Christina Flower, MA, QMHP
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