1251- All Our Kids Early Childhood Networks - Questions and Answers

Please see list below for NOFO Q and A:


Q. Do the Strategic Plan documents need to be 12 font? They are currently 11 font, which is how the tool was designed.

A. No, please keep the 11 font as designed on the plan templates.


Q. Do we need to submit a budget with our application?

A. Yes, you will need to enter your proposed budget in the Community Service Agreement (CSA) system and print the budget from the system to submit with your proposal as Appendix 4: Applicant Budget. You may use the budget template to draft your budget before entering into the CSA but this will not be accepted as Appendix 4.

Budget Template: http://www.dhs.state.il.us/onenetlibrary/12/documents/Forms/GOMBGATU-3002.pdf


Q. We will apply for the Chicago Neighborhood option. There are three bullet points that follow. Do we need to apply for those communities in the designated cluster or can we add a community from one of the other bullet points. For example, we will be applying for Roseland, Riverdale, Pullman and West Pullman; can we also add South Lawndale into the mix?

A. Roseland, Pullman and West Pullman would be considered an AOK Network community area and North and South Lawndale, East and West Garfield would make up a different AOK Network community area.

You would need to submit two different applications if you want to work in both of these community areas, but you would need to demonstrate you would be working with partners in each of the Chicago communities within these designated community areas, not just with partners in South Lawndale.


Q. Is the request to complete a 5 year strategic plan or should we submit a 1 year plan? For example, I have some objectives with a five year time frame but have approaches (in most cases) to be completed in 1 year?

A. Understanding that we will be working on each of the three initiatives through FY23, objectives are written as SMART goals based on the expected time it will take to be accomplish (1-4 years).

In your FY20 strategic plans only provide Approaches/Strategies that are expected to be completed within FY20, toward your indicated objectives.


Q. Regarding the community assessment, could this be an assessment conducted by the health department or other community entity or should we only refer to an assessment conducted by our Collaboration

 /Network? As indicated in the NOFO here:

Strategic Plan (3page maximum) Provide the following information regarding the prosed strategic plan for FY2020.

  • Describe the types of data that was collected, summarized, and presented in your most recent community assessment
  • Describe the applicant's role in guiding the community assessment -
  • State the local child/family outcome problem identified through the community assessment process.

A.  You may indicate both by describing the type of data collected by each, the role your agency had in collecting and analyzing the data and how this data informed the child/family outcome issue you identified.


Q. Is this NOFO process new for the AOK sites? Do the existing sites have to apply for funding each year now?

A. The NOFO is a new GATA requirement. All programs must compete for funding every three years.