0660-01 Healthy Families Illinois-Question and Answer

Question 1. There is a link to the HFA Best Practice standards (BPS). It's not the latest version of the BPS. It is version 7/1/17. The most current version of BPS is dated 6/1/18.

The NOFO is being updated to reflect the proper version, the link to the most recent version of the HFA best practice standards.

Question 2. Is this NOFO a full re-compete? Or should programs expect that they will receive their grant?

Yes, it is a full compete and all programs will need to submit a new application.

Question 3. Can Programs ask for an increase in their grants?

Providers need to request adequate funding to implement the program proposed. Depending on the providers and proposed program, requests may be larger or smaller funding levels than in previous years.

Question 4.Can programs include doula services in their grant requests.

Yes. Programs may apply for program enhancements as described in the HFA best practice standards.

Question 5. Will there be any type of Bidders conference or webinar or TA Session to help?


Question 6. The Performance Standards state that measures are "Entered into Cornerstone or IDHS selected database. And reported Quarterly." If programs need to purchase access to a data system perhaps during this NOFO would it be appropriate time to let them know so they can build it into their budget?

No, Cornerstone will is scheduled until calendar year 2020, programs use their own data.

Question 7. The Funding information identifies that IDHS Anticipates funding 40 applicants statewide - We currently have 31 programs. Are you anticipating adding 9 programs or will there be room for some programs to grow?

This is an opportunity for applicants statewide to participate in the programs and there could be up to 40 grantees statewide.

Question 8. Is there a date by which programs must have submitted their GATA prequalification?

It must be completed once annually for the full entity. The pre-qualification must be done or before the due date in the grantee portal.

Question 9. The Link forwarded identified as Questions and Answers opens to a blank page. Will this be populated with questions and answers as programs reach out?


Question 10. In the section identified as Mandatory requirements the Family Stress Checklist is identified as an eligibility tool is this referencing the Parent Survey?

Yes, this link in the NOFO will be updated to reflect the Parent Survey.

Question 11. In the Section C #3 Service Delivery, part b - The Individual Family Support Plan is identified. Is this a reference to the HFA Family Goal Plan process?

Yes, this is in reference to the Family Goal Plan process.

Question 12. Can a provider serve counties not listed?

Every applicant MUST apply to serve one or more the counties listed in the NOFO. However, providers may ask to serve additional counties not listed, in combination with counties outlines. Funding may or may not be available.

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