0707-01 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Job Placement (With Retention)-Question and Answer

Question -  Regarding funding sources, should we list Department of Workforce Development sources or for the entire Agency all funding sources?

Answer  - Only funding sources that will be used specifically for that E&T program should be reflective in your narrative to bolster your application and showcase additional streams of revenue that can assist your Program when needed.

Question  -  What are current Providers submitting?

Answer  -  Current Providers are submitting their Programmatic Risk Assessment, Program Plan, and Budget, if any additional items are needed more information will follow.

Question  -  For current SNAP providers, the deadline is 4/15, however the NOFO is not yet posted, so it is unclear what is the due at that time.

Answer  -  Current Providers will not have to go through the NOFO process.  The above question will answer what is needed by current Providers by the 4/15/19 date.