0700-01 TANF Employment & Training Program - Special Projects Program-Question and Answer

Question -  I would like to confirm that this "Budget Narrative" is referring to the narrative section in GATA budget, that will be entered through CSA tracking.

AnswerNo.  The Budget Narrative section on the Program Plan is just that a narrative (Narrative - meant to include the "whole story." A summary will give a few key details and then the narrative will delve into the details) and is totally separate from the budget narrative section you will be inputting for the CSA tracking purposes.  It is imperative that you are very detailed in your Budget Narrative to explain all of your expenses/allowances to better understand how the funds requested will drive the E&T Program associated with your agency.

Question -  Regarding funding sources, should we list Department of Workforce Development sources or for the entire Agency all funding sources?

Answer  - Only funding sources that will be used specifically for that E&T program should be reflective in your narrative to bolster your application and showcase additional streams of revenue that can assist your Program when needed.

Question  -  What are current Providers submitting?

Answer  -  Current Providers are submitting their Programmatic Risk Assessment, Program Plan, and Budget, if any additional items are needed more information will follow.