0699-01 TANF Employment & Training Program - Job Placement with Retention Program - Question and Answer

Question  -  I  noticed the information says there are up to 10 awards by t the NOFO states only 5?  Can you clarify?

Answer The NOFO is targeted for services in five specific areas at this time (Cook, Kane/Aurora, Will, Peoria and Macon). 

Question -  Are there specific requirements for employers to be eligible as a Work Experience site (similar to the Work Experience employers via Work First)?

Answer  -  Work Experience (WE) places the client in a supervised work assignment with public, private, or not-for-profit employers, organizations, and governmental agencies  that have an agreement with the Department. The client receives no payment other than their assistance benefits.  The person may participate in WE for as long as needed to reach their employment goal(s). Participation must be reassessed at least every 6 months, during the TANF REDE. Determine whether the client is gaining work skills and if there is a chance for employment. If continuing the work assignment will benefit the client, reassign them to the same or another work assignment. The client may also be approved for another activity.

  • The FCRC and/or contractor solicit employers for Work Experience placements. When an employer is found, both the LOA (or designee)/contractor sign a Work First/Work Experience Agreement and monitor/make changes to the agreement, as appropriate.
  • If the LOA (or FCRC designee) is the one working with the employer, use Work First/Work Experience Agreement (Form 4484) and Worksite Location and Position Description (Form 4383). Use Amendment to Work First/Work Experience Agreement (Form 4484A) to make changes to the agreement.
  • If a contractor is the one working with the employer, use Work First/Work Experience Agreement - Provider/Contractor (Form 4484C) and Worksite Location and Position Description (Form 4383). Use Amendment to Work First/Work Experience Agreement - Provider/Contractor (Form 4484B) to make changes to the agreement.

Question  -  If an organization, doesn't attend the Technical Assistance Session, is the organization still eligible to submit a complete proposal?

Answer  -  Yes, the organization is still able to apply for the grant, the technical assistance is truly for your benefit and will hopefully address questions you may have.

Question -  Regarding funding sources, should we list Department of Workforce Development sources or for the entire Agency all funding sources?

Answer  - Only funding sources that will be used specifically for that E&T program should be reflective in your narrative to bolster your application and showcase additional streams of revenue that can assist your Program when needed.

Question  - For the NOFO submission, is it expected that one complete PDF will be sent? Or one email with required documents in Word (executive summary/narrative), PDF (attachments) and budgets (MS Word/Excel depending)?

Answer  -  Grantee must submit a program plan narrative that contains the information outlined below. Each section must have a heading that corresponds to the headings in bold type listed below. The narrative portion must follow the page guidelines set for each section and must be in the order requested. The narrative must be in Arial 12-point font, single-spaced, with 1-inch margins on all sides using 8 1/2 x 11 paper. The total narrative is not to exceed 25 pages. See allowable page breakout below. The attachments do not have to conform to the format requirements above.


The Executive Summary will serve as a stand-alone document for the successful applicant that will be shared with various state-level stakeholders and others requesting a brief overview of the funded project. Therefore, Grantee should be concise and direct in their description and provide an overview of the services proposed with these funds and the outcomes that will be achieved.

Question -  Is it acceptable to provide programmatically relevant attachments in addition to the required ones?

Answer  -  Yes, you can provide your additional documentation as this will help to better assess your program operations.

Question  -  What are current Providers submitting?

Answer  -  Current Providers are submitting their Programmatic Risk Assessment, Program Plan, and Budget, if any additional items are needed more information will follow.