Fiscal Information re: CSA Budget Entry and New Applications for Programs 730, 760, 780 and 795

DHS/DMH Grantees/Applicants:

CSA Budget Entry

In an attempt to simplify the FY20 application process for grantees who are applying for both Williams and Colbert Consent Decree grant funds, DMH will now require separate applications and budgets for each grant program. For example, if a grantee is applying for funding for program ABC for both Williams and Colbert services, they should submit two applications and two budgets, one associated with each consent decree for program ABC. You will also need to include additional coding on the budget in the CSA system for the NOFO suffix on page 1 of your budget entry. For the Williams budgets, please enter NOFO suffix WCD. For your Colbert budgets, please enter NOFO suffix CCD.

New Application

The following programs now have an updated Uniform Application for State Grant Assistance loaded on the DMH webpage. Page 1 of the applications are pre-populated with the appropriate suffix code on Line #11. Grantees do not need to complete anything on Page 1. However, you will need to include only the amount for which you are applying for each consent decree funding on each individual application Page 3.

730 - Quality Administrator

760 - Integrated Health Care

780 - Transition Coordination

795 - Resident Review

Any questions may be directed to your program contact.

DMH Fiscal Office