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Group Respite Notice of Funding Opportunity Questions and Answers

  1. We were reviewing the NOFOs for Respite and the question came up here if we can apply for all 3 or not?
    1. Provider agencies may apply for as many or as few programs as they wish. However, a separate application packet would be needed for each NOFO. 
  2. Is Group Respite open to children?
    1. All of the respite programs are open to Children & Adults of any age.
  3. The deadline for submissions is April 17th, can this date be extended?
    1. We expect to have a large number of submissions as a result of the respite NOFO's. This combined with the reviews that will have to be conducted for the Latino Outreach, Epilepsy, Dental and Family Advocate NOFO's and the ongoing ISC transition, we do not feel we can extend the deadline for submission of the respite NOFO proposals. We wouldn't want to get backed up and end up not being able to complete contracts before July 1st.
  4. We are working on our Group Respite grant application now, but I wondered if our agency would also be eligible to apply for the Voucher Respite and Residential Respite grant also?
    1. Please see Question 1 above.
  5. The Award Range is listed as $23,617 to $359,091 to fund 6-10 Anticipated Awards. What is the total amount of funding available for the Group Respite Category? How many organizations in Illinois currently receive funding in this program category?
    1. The total funding amount is listed in Section B of the NOFO. $864,577.00
    2. We currently have 6 providers.
  6. As we are not an agency currently funded under this grant, we would not have changes to be made as part of the survey conducted, as surveys wouldn't be conducted until funding is received. I am assuming this portion is geared toward currently funded agencies, but just want to verify that we'd have enough information covered by including our proposed survey(s), our process for collecting and analyzing data, and our proposed plan to make any alterations to our program plan based on the results of the survey.
    1. The Quality of Program/Services applies to all applicants and must be addressed. It is intended to explain your process on how changes would be made if you received information from the survey's indicated a negative experience.
  7. Are individuals in the Home- Based program considered "funded residential services"?
    1. Any person who is authorized for CILA (60D & 65H), Child Care Institution (19D), Children's Group Home (17D), Community Living Arrangement (67D, 67E or 67O), Special Home Placement (41D), Supported Living Arrangement (42D), or Intermediate Care Facility for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (ICF/IDD) is considered receiving funded residential services.
  8. Is it allowable to use grant funds for the actual activity costs such as a movie or event tickets?
    1. Yes.
  9. Are organizations able to serve and bill individuals in their group respite program from the individual's identified funding stream? Example - an organization would bill Group Respite Services to the Home Base Program for individuals who have Home Base.
    1. No, Respite should not come out of the individuals Home Based Services allocation.
  10. For both Group and In-Home Respite services: Our agency has numerous sites but respite services will not be happening at all of these sites. The application asks for "addresses for all site locations and estimated travel times for clients to reach nearest location". If services are not taking place at all sites, should we include addresses for sites that respite services are not taking place?
    1. Only information regarding locations that will provide respite services is needed.
  11. Have organizations supporting between 20 to 30 individuals in their Group Respite Program received similar Respite Grants from your division in the past?
    1. Yes
  12. What areas are current group respite providers serving.
FY19 Respite Type
Neoga Group
Joliet Group
Brookfield Group
Chicago ( W Jackson 60606) Group
Decatur Group
Chicago (S Michigan Ave 60603) Group