PM 03-02-03-c: Temporary Absence (SNAP)

WAG 03-02-03-c

  • Illinois residency continues for an individual who is temporarily absent from Illinois, if they intend to return to Illinois when the reason for their absence has been completed.
  • A person who is a resident of Illinois and is receiving SNAP continues to be eligible to receive benefits in Illinois while vacationing in another State. A person may have a vacation home in another State and still maintain their Illinois residency. 
  • There is not a specific time-frame that an individual may be temporarily gone. Verification is not required, unless questionable.
  •  A person who establishes a residency in another State does not qualify for SNAP in Illinois. See WAG 03-02-03-c

Note: Temporary absence does not apply to college students who are attending school and live outside of the home. A student who meets special student eligibility requirements (PM 03-04-03-b) may qualify to be added to the SNAP household when they return home for the summer break.