FY 20 NOFO Questions and Answers

Frequently asked questions for Emergency and Transitional Housing and Supportive Housing

March 11, 2019

Question: The Emergency and Transitional Housing Program Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) highlights under "C. Eligibility Information…#2." that "All applicants must be nonprofit organizations, subject to 26 U.S.C. 501(c) (3) of the federal tax code". Are government entities still eligible to apply as in years past?

Answer: Yes

Question: How much money can or should my agency apply for?

Answer: This is a competitive grant process. Your agency is free to apply for any amount that you can justify with your application and funding plan.

Question: Under the "Funding Application", "E. Application Review Criteria Information", please clarify the following: "A five (5) point penalty will be imposed for any lapsed funds in the past 3 fiscal years". Is this based on ever occurrence of lapsed funds within the last three years for a potential reduction of more than 5 points based on the number of years of lapsed funds or is this for any occurrence of lapsed funds at any amount for the last three years (for a potential reduction of only 5 points maximum). Also, would IDHS consider using a fair threshold, (i.e. 10% of the total award in lapsed funds)?

Answer: It will be a 5 point reduction.

Question: Under the "Funding Application", "Required Attachments", Attachment A4- Sub-Contractor Agreements, will you accept our legal contract boiler plate as an example of our sub-contractor agreement? Sub-contracts are not executed until a final grant award has been received.

Answer: Yes we will accept the boiler plate until you have the executed subcontracts. Those executed sub-contracts will need to be forwarded to the program administrator.

Question: If we currently have multiple projects, is it ok for me to submit one funding or would you prefer receiving individual applications for each separate location?

Answer: You can do one application listing out the locations and the dollar amount for each one that you are requesting

Question: Can you confirm the submission deadline?

Answer: 12:00 PM, April 2

Question: I am a current provider but cannot access the FY20 funding plans in the Homeless Reporting Portal. Where do I access these forms?

Answer: All ETH and SHP funding plans must be submitted through the DHS.HomelessServices@Illinois.gov email address, not through the reporting portal. Funding plans will be entered into the portal later, after applications have been reviewed. The Funding Plan forms can downloaded by going to the Family and Community Services Grant Information page, then clicking on the appropriate grant application number.

Question: Is the FY20 grant process open to new grantees as well as current grantees?

Answer: This is a competitive process; any agency that meets the qualifications listed in the Notices of Funding Opportunity can apply for funding.

Question: How much money is available?

Answer: All funding is subject to appropriation by the State of Illinois legislature. The current proposed FY20 budget shows funding levels equal to FY19 levels ($10,383,700 for ETH and $16,811,900 for SHP).

Question: Please explain Eligibility under section C that states, "C. Transitional Shelter 1.Provider must have provided one or more of the above services, through a contract with the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS), continuously for the last four fiscal years."

Answer: Applicants that have received a contract through DHS in the past four years are eligible to apply.