1508 Question and Answer

Questions and Answers for the Latino Outreach Notice of Funding Opportunity

  1. I am writing to inquire about the Latino Outreach Special Project. I would like to see if we qualify as an independent service coordination (ISC) agency  for this special project. Can you please provide clarity on who may and/or may not apply for this NOFO?
    1. The CMS HCBS Regulations (pdf) specifies States are required to separate case management functions from service delivery functions. In Illinois, the ISC agencies are identified as the Conflict of Interest Free Case Management entity. As the Latino Outreach NOFO requires grantee's to perform service delivery (i.e., support groups, counseling , etc.) the ISC agencies would be ineligible to bid.
  2. Who currently holds the Latino Outreach Grant?
    1. The Latino Outreach Grant is currently managed by El Valor.