0830 Epilepsy Question and Answer

Questions and Answers for the Epilepsy Program Notice of Funding Opportunity (Epilepsy NOFO)

  1. Unless I missed it, I did not read any statement or clause that precludes independent service coordination (ISC) agencies from applying. Can you please provide clarity on who may and/or may not apply for this NOFO?
    1. The CMS HCBS Regulations (pdf) specifies States are required to separate case management functions from service delivery functions. In Illinois, the ISC agencies are identified as the Conflict of Interest Free Case Management entity. As the Epilepsy NOFO requires grantee's to perform service delivery (ie, support groups, counseling and general budgeting assistance) the ISC agencies would be ineligible to bid.
  2. Once I enter my budget in the CSA is there anything else I need to do?
    1. It is essential that your budget be signed and submitted to the agency for your application to be considered for review and funding.
  3. What are the qualifications for the counselor position with regard to "Counseling to be provided by qualified personnel"?
    1. The ideal candidate will have one of the following: Licensed clinical psychologist, Clinical social worker, Social worker, Marriage or family therapist, Clinical professional counselor , Professional Counselor.