0829 Dental NOFO Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers for the Dental Program Notice of Funding Opportunity  (Dental NOFO)

  1. When we reviewed the regional breakdown (our agency is in the NW region) we read that based on census population the maximum grant was listed at $79,085.32. Approximately 20-25% of our dental patients come from outside the NW region. Before we start the process, we are hoping to get a better understanding of what our potential grant amount is. Is it truly capped at $79,085?
  • After reviewing the NOFO we determined that estimated total of award amounts did not total correctly. All items have been corrected and updated in the NOFO as well as in chart below. The Division of Developmental Disabilities wants to ensure that all individuals with a developmental disability have access to quality dental care. Therefore, the dental funding is being divided to cover all areas of the state. Agencies have the option to bid on one or more regions.
Region Minimum Maximum
Northeast $525,318.30 $656,647.88
Northwest $68,107.04 $85,133.79
Central $120,384.56 $150,480.70
Southern $74,990.10 $93,737.62
  1. Are we to assume that the current grantees will see their Dental program grant funding end as of June 30, 2019, and that there will be no specific "renewal" application to continue our current program into FY2020? Is this new NOFO then taking the place of that renewal application, updating the Dental Program grantee expectations such that a provider in NE Illinois must cover the entire eight-county region's dental needs for people with IDD?
  • The Division of Developmental Disabilities is required to issue a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) at least every 3 years, unless granted exception or extension from the Grant Accountability and Transparency Unit in the Governor's Office. The current Dental NOFO was implemented in Fiscal Year 2017 with 2 years for renewal. The Fiscal Year 2020 is now the opportunity for any current or new providers to apply for that funding. Any applicants including existing providers would be expected to meet all requirements listed in the published NOFO including serving clients in the geographic areas specified.
  1. Currently, how many providers are receiving grants in the NW region and the NE region?
    • The Division of Disabilities has never previously delegated the geographic areas in which providers served. However, based on the information that was self-reported to the division we currently have 4 dental providers that serve the Northwest and Northeastern Region of the State.
  2. How many patients does each provider serve in the NE and NW Region? How many patients are served in the combined NE & NW Regions? 
    • The Division will be using the agencies analysis of the need to grade their application; therefore, it is up to each agency to determine their plan for meeting the needs of the areas in which they are bidding.
  3. I noticed that the applications are available for FY2020 for the Dental Grant. Is the grant application due date April 15th?
    • The completed application packet which includes the Uniform Grant Application must be submitted no later than April 15th at 5:00 pm. Please see Section D and E of the Dental NOFO for a detailed listing of all information that must be included in the packet.
  4. Do we need to submit 3 applications, one for each quadrant or can we do one combined application? If we have to do separate applications for each quadrant, do we just need to complete separate Uniform Applications for State Grant Assistance (http://www.dhs.state.il.us/OneNetLibrary/27896/documents/By_Division/Division%20of%20DD/UpdatedTools/DDgrantapplication.pdf) for each quadrant's grant and a combined Program Plan & Uniform Grant Budget?
    • If the applicant is interested in serving multiple areas, they must submit a separate complete packet for each area. Please see Section D and E of the Dental NOFO for a detailed listing of all information that must be included in the each packet.