GA-1755 Illinois State Opioid Response (SOR)

Illinois State Opioid Response (SOR) Grants 444-26-1755

To apply for a SFY2019 IDHS SUPR award the applicant must have been named in the Grant Application to SAMHSA. All grantees must have completed the Pre-Qualification Process, and Internal Controls Questionnaire, through the Grantee Portal.

The Grant Application and Programmatic Risk Assessment (PRA) are to be completed for every program/grant. Before submitting the Programmatic Risk Assessment please print a copy and retain for your reference. You will not be able to print, view or edit the PRA after you submit it.

At the time of application, all grantees must submit for each grant program the following documents:

  1. Grant Application GA-1755
  2. Uniform Grant Budget printed from the CSA Tracking System.

Submit the completed grant proposal by sending an email to DHS.GrantApp@Illinois.Gov Applications must be emailed.

Your organization's name and the Catalog of State Financial Assistance (CSFA) Number and the program contact must be in the subject line.

Specifically, the subject line of your email must be:

Your Organization's Name, 19-444-26-1755-01, Joseph Tracy

The Grant Application file must be named "Your Organization's Name 19-444-26-1755-01 GA Joseph Tracy.pdf"

The Budget file must be named "Your Organization's Name 19-444-26-1755-01 Budget Joseph Tracy.pdf"

If you have trouble emailing the document due to the file size, please utilize the CMS File Transfer Utility located at Please follow the instructions to attach your application. Remember to include the subject line above.

After your application is approved you will receive a Notice Of State Award (NOSA), that must be accepted through the Grantee Portal before an agreement can be issued.