Notice of New Assignments for DMH Fiscal Staff

Dear DMH Program Staff,

This notice is to inform you of recent changes that have taken place in the DMH Fiscal office and how it may affect you. Fiscal staff were previously assigned work by program code and processed paperwork for the entire process from procurement phase through contract payments for the programs assigned to them. We have now re-organized to assigning work by function as follows.

Working Title Responsible Fiscal Staff Job Function
Grants Coordinator Barb Roberson
  • Grant Documents Coordination (NOFO, Exceptions, Applications)
  • Enter & Maintain GOMB Portal Documents/Requirements (ICQ, CSFA, Good Standing, NOSA & Non-select)
  • Manage Competitive Grant Proposals (Receipt & MBR Team Selection, Conflict of Interest, Scoring Evaluation)
  • Establish & Follow Up on Terms of Award (ICQ & PRA Conditions, Corrective Action Plans)
  • Grants Related Training Notification
Procurement Coordinator Shanna Frank
  • Grant Procurement Documents Coordination (PBC, CAAF, DMs, Mods, Exhibits)
  • Contract Procurement Documents Coordination (PBC, CAAF, DMs, Mods, Bidbuy, RFP)
  • State Hospitals: CAAF Processing
Accountant Lois Kanter
  • Oversee Invoice Payments
  • Monthly Payment Table
  • Contract Obligations
  • Spending Plans
  • Court of Claims
  • Federal Grant Reports
  • Consent Decree Reports
Accountant Hetal Bhakta
  • Budget Reviews (New Grants & Amendments)
  • Quarterly PFR Unallowable Cost Notices to Providers
  • Stop Pay List Determinations
  • Indirect Cost Rate Review
Account Tech II TBD
  • Track Invoices & Maintain Templates
  • Research Payment Issues
  • Process Provider Returned Checks
  • PFR Compliance
Account Tech I Leonard Stone
  • Payment data entry & tracking
  • Travel Voucher & Direct Bill Processing
Contractual Services Mary Hebert
  • GATA Process Training Development
  • Provider Technical Assistance Session Development
  • Monitoring Program Development
  • Written Procedures
  • DMH Webpage Updates
  • Special Projects
Contractual Services Mark Hayward * Special Projects and Assistance

These are main areas of work assignments and not an exhaustive list of duties. Please direct any questions or need for assistance according to the grid above.


Kimberly Benson

Manager of Fiscal Operations

IL DHS Division of Mental Health

600 East Ash Street

Building 500, 3rd Floor South

Springfield, IL 62703


Phone: 217-524-7006