Outstanding FY 18 Provider Invoices

Dear Providers,

In order for the Division of Mental Health to meet our FY18 lapse period vouchering cut-off dates with DHS Fiscal and the Comptroller, all outstanding FY18 provider invoices must be submitted to DHS.DMHFiscalInvoices@illinois.gov no later than close of business Friday, August 31, 2018. Any provider invoices received after this date may require providers to seek reimbursement through the Court of Claims process.

Note: This does not apply to capacity grants for which a monthly payment is normally sent out the first part of each month and for which you do not submit invoices. It is only applicable to those services for which you regularly submit invoices to DMH for reimbursement.

Thank you for your continued service this past fiscal year. We look forward to partnering with you on our future endeavors.

Best Regards,

Rhonda Mitchell

Acting Manager of Fiscal Operations

IDHS - Division of Mental Health

600 East Ash

Building 500, 3rd Floor South

Springfield, IL 62703

Office: 217-524-5356