I. Introduction and Definitions

A. Introduction

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment & Training (SNAP E&T) Program is a self-support program to help customers acquire work skills and find employment. The program also helps customers with work-related expenses for the first 30 days of a job.

The program is mandatory for Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWDs) who receive non-assistance SNAP benefits, are between the ages of 18 through 49, and are not exempt.  Participation in SNAP E&T enables participants to gain work skills experience, meet the federal work requirement and become self-sufficient.

Participants have a range of educational experience who also bring a spectrum of work skills and experience. Individuals will participate in specific programs based upon their individual assessments, identifying strengths and areas in need of development. All individuals who participate in the SNAP E&T program must be assigned to the required number of participation hours, based upon the SNAP allotment and/or the component activity into which they are placed.

Following are descriptions of the SNAP E&T programs and/or activities funded by the Division of Family and Community Services, Bureau of Workforce Development, Employment and Training Resource Development Services. The Provider will provide the programs/activities specified in Exhibit C, Exhibit B, and in accordance with the provisions contained in the SNAP E&T Program Manual. 

***All Provider contracts must go through the GATA/NOFO process. For more information, please contact your Provider Manager.***

Contracted Work and Training Providers

Agencies contracted to provide work and training activities are responsible for the overall case management of customers assigned to core and non-core work and training activities. These agencies, referred to as Providers, are responsible for securing appropriate work experience, community service and educational opportunities for customers. The contracted work and training Providers are responsible for securing documentation from assigned work and training site supervisors that verifies customers' daily hours or attendance and for submitting this information weekly to the Department. These agencies are also responsible for placing a percentage of customers assigned into unsubsidized employment. Contracted work and training Providers may also provide Job Search and Job Readiness activities.  Services provided by contracted work and training Providers are monitored by Department staff.  All services must be in compliance with the Department's SNAP E & T Work Plan.