Attachment II - Child Care

The Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) agency provides ongoing child care services. Refer the customer to the CCR&R using the Child Care Application (Form 3455) with the Responsibility and Services Plan (Form 4003).

Temporary Child Care

A temporary child care need can be provided by the Provider when needed for employment or as a one-time temporary need for no more than 30 days. Payment must be authorized in accordance with the rates established by the Department.

Child Care Arrangement

Child care must be provided through a legitimate care arrangement.

  • All child care providers must be at least 18 years of age.
  • A child care provider cannot be a responsible relative of the child.
  • The Provider must provide care in accordance with one of the arrangements outlined on page 4 of the Child Care Application (Form 3455).

Age of Eligible Children

Child care may be provided for children under age 13 or children age 13 or older who need the care because of a physical or psychological condition or court ordered supervision.

Payments/Co-Payments for Child Care

  • Payments for child care must be authorized in the child care provider's name and mailed to the provider's address.
  • The name and case number of the customer for whom the child care is authorized, are to be entered on the back of the check and on the check stub.
  • As applicable, customers are responsible for making child care co-payments. The child care co-payment amount depends upon gross annual income, family size and the number of children needing care.
  • The customer's co-payment must be deducted from the amount the Provider issues for child care.
  • If the customer is newly employed, the Provider as a supportive service may issue the co-payment during the first 30-day period on the job. The customer must request payment.
  • For a full month, use the monthly co-payment amount found on the DHS Child Care web site. For less than a full month, use the weekly co-payment amount times the number of weeks.
  • If child care is provided less than 5 hours a day, the customer's share is 50% of the full co-payment amount. 
  • The number of children shown on the chart is the number of children receiving child care, not the number of children in the family or case.
  • A Provider may not authorize child care payments to their agency or to an employee providing work and training services to the customer. In these situations, the Child Care Resource and Referral Agency will authorize payments.

Special Calculations of Child Care Payments

  • For care less than 5 hours a day, use the part-day rate or the actual cost, whichever is less.
  • For care 5 through 12 hours a day, use the full-day rate or the actual cost, whichever is less.
  • For care in excess of 12 hours a day, use the full-day rate for the first 12 hours and the part-day rate for the remainder of the hours.
  • Use the school age day rate for day care centers when the child is cared for before or after school (i.e., latch key kids).

Beginning Date of Child Care Payments

When all eligibility factors are met, payment for child care services begins on the following dates or later:

  • The date the child care provider actually begins providing child care services, if the application is received in advance of services being provided; or
  • The date of the customer's signature, if the signature does not precede the start date of service. If the application is signed before child care services begin, payments starts with the first day of service. (Note: Payment is not made for services provided more than seven calendar days prior to receipt of the application.)