Attachment I - Transportation

Transportation expenses are authorized as an advance payment for travel necessary to get to and from approved activities. The allowance covers activities such as:

  • Work First
  • Work Experience
  • Job Clubs
  • Approved Education & Training Assessment Interviews
  • Job Retention Meetings
  • Counseling and Treatment Needed to Eliminate Barriers to Employment (i.e., Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse Treatment, Mental Health Treatment)
  • Job Interviews arranged by the Provider (Does not include employer contact activities, as they are covered by the Job Search Allowance.)
  • Scheduled appointments and activities arranged by the Provider
  • Locating suitable child care and taking children to child care facility.

Transportation Rates

Transportation is paid at the most reasonable and economical rate.

  • In urban areas where public transportation is available, the amount of the actual fare for each trip or the cost of a monthly pass is authorized. If the customer must use more than one form of transportation, (i.e., customer uses the bus and the Metra train) allow the most reasonable total cost for the trip.
  • Outside of urban areas where public transportation is not available, and/or the customer has to use a privately owned vehicle or pay someone to provide transportation to and from approved activities, use the following payment amounts:
  1. Less than 10 miles per day - A flat $30 per month
  2. 10 to 20 miles per day - A flat $45 per month
  3. More than 20 miles per day - A flat $60 per month

Allowances for private transportation cover all vehicle-related expenses. (See Section V, H., 2., f. - "Cash and Time Limitations on Expenses" for exceptions.)

Transportation for Recently Employed Customers

Allow transportation expenses for employed customers who have not yet received their first paycheck. Ongoing job-related transportation expenses are covered under the 2/3-income deduction, except as noted under Item 5.

  • Under special circumstances, payment for transportation expenses may be made for job related transportation expenses after the customer receives their first paycheck to ensure the customer keeps their job. 

Other Transportation Related Expenses

The Department has provisions for meeting a variety of transportation expenses related to employment, other than those outlined above. Certain criteria must be met; specific guidelines must be followed; and, expenses totaling more than $200 require prior approval by the Provider Manager.

  • Auto liability insurance at the least costly rate but not over $675 in any 12 months or the cost of 6 months insurance coverage, whichever is less.
  • Security deposit for the driver of a car pool vehicle to transport a group of workers to a work site or a group of customers to an activity site.
  • Repair of an auto (maximum $900 in any 12 months). Supervisory approval is required. Do not approve a request for payment of automobile repairs unless:
  1. The customer has no other available and suitable form of transportation to and from the job site or work and training activity.
  2. The customer is unable to report to the job site or the work and training activity unless the auto is repaired.
  3. The customer has a valid driver's license and provides proof that he/she has or can get insurance.
  4. The automobile, when repaired, will be suitable for the purpose intended and no other obvious mechanical defects have been observed.
  5. The title and license of the automobile are in the name of the customer, or the customer's spouse who lives in the home.

Relocation Expenses

Relocation Expenses may be provided to help a customer move to accept employment elsewhere. Do not approve payment for relocation expenses unless the customer has a verified job. Payment is limited to:

  • The cost of the rental of a do-it-yourself moving van; or
  • One month's security deposit on a rental agreement. Requires the approval of the FCRC Administrator;
  • Payment for out of state moves may be considered if there are no suitable jobs available locally. Requires the approval of the FCRC Administrator.