Recovery Residence Registry

The Illinois Department of Human Services/ Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery (SUPR) seeks to provide a registry of recovery residences that will serve as a referral resource for individuals seeking continued recovery assistance. Recovery residence is defined as a "sober, safe and healthy living environment that promotes recovery from alcohol and other drug use and associated problems." As such, a recovery residence includes SUPR licensed Recovery Homes, Oxford Houses and other sober living environments that are independent living residences that only provide peer support and a lengthened exposure to the culture of recovery. The registry indicates if the residence is licensed by SUPR and specifies any accreditation or certification that each recovery residence has received from an entity that has developed uniform national standards. While not required, all registrants are encouraged to seek licensure or national accreditation/certification. To register, visit the Illinois Helpline for Opioids and Other Substances at . For each residence, under Account Sign Up click that you are signing up as a recovery residence and follow the instructions. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Kimberly Sriner at .

Recovery Residence Frequently Asked Questions


Recovery Residences is the umbrella term that includes a range of residences to support those in recovery from substance use, including recovery homes, Oxford Houses and sober living homes. While all recovery residences support people in recovery they may vary in the level and structure of services offered, supervision provided and whether or not entities are licensed by the state

Recovery Home: Facility licensed by SUPR to provide an alcohol and drug-free living environment for persons in early recovery from substance use, or individuals who recently completed substance use treatment at another licensed facility. Their rules, peer-led groups, staff activities and/or other structured operations are directed toward ongoing recovery.

Oxford House: Non-licensed, independent, supportive sober living environment that can be established by any individual in recovery. They are typically democratically run, self-supporting alcohol and drug free environments for those in recovery.

Sober Living Home: Non-licensed, alcohol and drug-free living environments for individuals attempting to maintain abstinence from alcohol and drugs.

Recovery Support Services: Recovery support services are designed to support people seeking to live free of alcohol and drugs. They comprise a variety of services, for example recovery coaching, employment training, spiritual support and transportation. Recovery support services are typically provided face to face, individually or in small groups, by paid staff or volunteers who are often peers of those seeking recovery.

The use of the registry does not constitute an endorsement by SUPR for residences that are not regulated.