State of Illinois
Department of Human Services

The SNAP to Success program is operated by the Illinois Department of Human Services.

SNAP to Success leverages community investment in employment and training to enhance employment services for individuals on SNAP by partnering with businesses and local providers.

By 2020 most jobs will require some education beyond high school. SNAP to Success focuses on helping participants attain industry recognized credentials and skills to improve their employment prospects and future earnings.

Who Qualifies For SNAP to Success

An individual is eligible to participate in SNAP to Success if they are:

  • Receiving SNAP benefits or are currently eligible to receive benefits;
  • Not on TANF;
  • Age 18 or older;
  • Able to work at least 20 hours a week, or will be able to do so within the next year;
  • Able to participate in SNAP to Success immediately.

SNAP to Success services are available to anyone on SNAP and may include: job readiness training, adult basic education, vocational training and supportive services that will support individuals in getting and holding a quality job.

El programa SNAP to Success es operado por el Departamento de Servicios Humanos de Illinois. SNAP to Success aprovecha la inversión de la comunidad en empleo y entrenamiento para mejorar los servicios de empleo para individuos en SNAP al asociandose con empresas y proveedores locales.

En 2020 la mayoría de los trabajos requerirá algún tipo de educación después de la secundaria. SNAP to Success se enfoca en ayudar a los participantes a obtener credenciales y habilidades reconocidas en la industria para mejorar sus perspectivas de empleo y ingresos futuras.

Quién califica para SNAP to Success

Un individuo es elegible para participar en SNAP to Success si:

  • Recibien beneficios de SNAP o actualmente son elegibles para recibir beneficios
  • No estan en TANF;
  • De edad de 18 años o más;
  • Son capaz de trabajar al menos 20 horas a la semana, o va a ser capaz de hacerlo en el próximo año
  • Son capaz de participar en SNAP to Success inmediatamente.

Los servicios de SNAP to Success están disponibles para cualquier persona en SNAP y pueden incluir: capacitación para la preparación para el trabajo, educación básica para adultos,entrenamiento vocacional y servicios de apoyo que ayudarán a las personas a obtener y mantener un trabajo de calidad.

Programs, activities and employment opportunities in the Illinois Department of Human Services are open and accessible to any individual or group without regard to age, sex, race, sexual orientation, disability, ethnic origin or religion. The department is an equal opportunity employer and practices affirmative action and reasonable accommodation programs.

DHS 4422E&S SNAP to Success (N-7-18) Printed by the Authority of the State of Illinois PO#18-1677 500 copies