Mental Health Grant Information - FY2020

All potential grantees must make certain the following are completed before IDHS staff are allowed to accept an application packet.

  1. Complete and submit a Grant Application to Each application must be sent in a separate email. Links are provided under the "GA" column of this website below. Page 1 of the applications are pre-populated. The subject line of the email MUST state:
    1. Your Organization's Name CSFA Number (44422XXXX); Barb Roberson
  2. Complete and submit the FY 2020 Uniform Grant Budget in the IDHS CSA Tracking System; Register with the Illinois Grant Accountability and Transparency Act Grantee Portal.
  3. Potential Grantees must: Have a current DUNS number;
  4. Have a current FEIN Number;
  5. Have a current System for Award Management Account account;
  6. Be in Good Standing with the Illinois Secretary of State, (government entities are exempt);
  7. Register and access both the Illinois Department of Human Services Community Service Agreement (CSA) tracking system and the Centralized Repository Vault (CRV);
  8. Complete and submit the Fiscal and Administrative Risk Assessment, also known as the ICQ, (short for Internal Control Questionnaire). This is done only once per entity per fiscal year via the GATA Grantee Portal  While it does not have to be completed prior to submitting the application, this step must be done before an award can be made.
  9. Complete and Submit the Programmatic Risk Assessment (PRA) for each grant opportunity. Links are provided under the "PRA" column below.  While it does not have to be completed prior to submitting the application, this step must be done before an award can be made;
  10. Have an annually negotiated indirect cost rate agreement (NICRA), if indirect costs are included in the budget.
  11. Not be on the Department of Healthcare and Family Services Provider Sanctions list;
  12. Not be on the Federal Excluded Parties List;
  13. Not be on the Stop Pay List.

For detailed information about the requirements, please see Grant Application Information and Instructions.  Note: For best results use the Internet Explorer browser when accessing the GATA and IDHS systems.


DMH Program Grant Title CSFA Number GA PRA


Illinois Emergency COVID-19 Grant (510-FCVD)

444-22-2422 GA 2422 PRA 2422

Williams and Colbert Programs Application and Budget Instructions

In addition to the instructions above applicants, for grants which include Williams and Colbert Consent Decree funds, must submit separate applications and budgets for each grant program:

  1. For example, if an applicant applies for funding for program ABC for Williams services and Colbert services, they must submit two applications and two budgets, one associated with each consent decree for program ABC.
  2. The applicant will also need to include additional coding on the budget in the CSA system for the NOFO suffix on page 1 of the budget entry.
    • For the Williams budgets, please enter NOFO suffix WCD.
    • For Colbert budgets, please enter NOFO suffix CCD.
  3. Page 1 of the applications are pre-populated with the appropriate suffix code. Grantees do not need to complete anything on Page 1.
  4. On Page 3 grantees will need to include only the amount, for which they are applying, for each consent decree funding on each individual application.