FY19 DMH Grants Reporting - Quarterly Reports

Dear Grant Provider,

DMH Region Operations would like to extend a huge Thank You to all providers for the work on grant reporting. 1st Quarter FY19 quarterly reports will be due soon.

Exhibit E - Performance Measures

The Provider shall report quarterly performance on the appropriate DMH reporting template no later than November 1, February 1, May 1, and August 1. DMH program contacts and reporting templates can be found in the Provider section of the DHS website.

We continue to encourage providers to visit the DMH website Grants and Billing page at http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=95429 to retrieve the most recent forms for reporting and guidance on the quarterly reporting process.

The following Performance Report Templates by Program (PRTP) excel reports have been updated since the last reporting period (FY18 4th quarter). DMH will accept the previous PRTP excel report if you've already compiled your data to complete it. Please use the revised PRTP template for subsequent reports.

DMH Performance Report Templates by Program:

121 - Mental Health Juvenile Justice (xlsx)

510 - Data Infrastructure for Quality Improvement (DATA) (xlsx)

510 - First Episode Psychosis Program (FEPP) (xlsx)

510 - Federal Supported Programs (FIPS) (xlsx)

510 - Rural Behavioral Health Access (RBHA) (xlsx)

520 - Regions Donated Funds Initiative (xlsx)

574 - Psychiatric Medications (xlsx)

620 - Mental Health CILA (xlsx)

780 - Transition Coordination Non-Billable (Generic) (xlsx)

780 - Transition Coordination Non-Billable (Specific) (xlsx)

785 - Cluster Permanent Supported Housing (xlsx)

820 - Supported Residential (xlsx)

830 - Supervised Residential (xlsx)

860 - Crisis Residential (xlsx)

866 - In Home Recovery Support (xlsx)

A quick overview of quarterly reporting process:

  1. A link for an instructional PowerPoint titled "DMH Grants Reporting" is included on the DMH Grants and Billing page. Any questions or feedback on this tool can be directed to Carla.galbraith@illinois.gov.
  2. The Program Contact list has been updated to show changes in assignments at DMH. The assigned Program Contact is the best place to seek advice about a specific type of grant.
  3. Providers are instructed to submitted DMH quarterly reports to a single email box at DHS.DMHQuarterlyReports@illinois.gov.
  4. As before, Williams grants that require encrypted invoicing to protect consumer PHI continue to use a special email address. Please see webpage for that detail.

If there are any questions arising from this Communication Alert, please contact Carla Galbraith (Carla.galbraith@illinois.gov) or Dan Wasmer (Dan.wasmer@illinois.gov).