Q&A 1746

Questions and Answers for 19-444-26-1746-01 Service Enhancement for Pregnant and Postpartum Women with OUD (PPW-OUD)

Q1. In regards to Funding Opportunity Number: 19-444-26-1746-01 (Service Enhancement for Pregnant and Postpartum Women with OUD), we are able to meet the grant deliverables, but is it a requirement to have a Certified Doula Peer Recovery Specialist that is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS) with birth and post-partum doula certifications? Also, if it is a requirement, how long do we have to train a Certified Peer Review Specialist to obtain birth and post-partum doula certificates? It appears we have a limited number of CPRSs within our region.

A1. As specified in the NOFO one of the key program components is for awarded providers to have a designated staff person in the role of the Certified Doula Peer Recovery Specialist. This individual will be credentialed in the CPRS and both birth and post-partum doula certifications. Under the deliverables section, the timeframe for staff certification for both credentials is stated. Providers must submit evidence of staff obtaining the CPRS and dual (birth and post-partum) doula certifications by 6/30/19.

Q2. I am seeking clarification of the funding in the referenced NOFO. Is the $524,000, or $271,000 per grant, for the total time period, or per year?

A2. $542,000 is the total available for the 2 grants. Each Grant would get $271,000 per year. It's not $542,000 for one.

Q3: Is the maximum funding award of $271,000 the total amount for the two years of the grant resulting in $135,500 for each operating year or $271,000 each operating year of the grant resulting in $542,000?

A3: Under Funding Information:

  • In SFY2019, IDHS anticipates the availability of approximately $542,000 for eligible applicants.
  • There is a maximum amount of $271,000 for an award to a qualified organization within the limit of available funding.

Q4: The NOFO requires licensure by IDHS/SUPR in order to start services. If the agency is licensed by SUPR can services be provided at any site or do the services need to be provided at the specific location in which SUPR has certified?

A4: Services need to be provided at a SUPR licensed site or in compliance with Section 2060.203 Off-Site Delivery of Services.

Q5: Does the proposed program need to provide MAT services itself or is it sufficient to partner with another agency who provides MAT services?

A5: Under Key Program Requirements: Ability to enhance OUD services to pregnant and post-partum women either directly as an OTP Provider or with a strong relationship with an OTP Provider. Develop a plan for access to methadone and buprenorphine for the targeted population.

Q6: Will a Programmatic Risk Assessment need to be completed for this NOFO? If so, will a specific assessment link be provided or how can that be accessed? I have attempted to locate the assessment on the IDHS website, but have been unable to locate an assessment for the PPW-OUD NOFO.

A6: Response: The Programmatic Risk Assessment can be found at http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?module=17&item=101588&surveyid=444&csfanum=444-26-1746