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  • Effective 09/07/18, IES systematically determines when a HFS 2350 should be sent.
  • IES systematically sends HFS 2350 to an individual when a pending medical application/case exceeds the time frames required under Cohen vs. Quern.
  • IES systematically issues a Temporary Medical Card when a HFS 2350 is returned to the Department or a request is received through ABE's MMC.
  • IES determines the correct temporary medical begin date based on the appropriate Cohen schedule.
  • A case comment is systematically entered when IES issues Temporary Medical Coverage.

HFS 2350

HFS 2350 "Notice of Possible Entitlement to Temporary Medical Coverage Assistance" notifies the client of a delay in the processing of his/her application/case. HFS 2350 is updated to show the client their options for returning the form such as:

  • Through ABE's Manage My Case (MMC),
  • Mailing the form to the Central Scan Unit (CSU),
  • Mailing the form to the local office handling the application/case, or
  • Request in person or by calling the local office handling the application/case.

The following changes were made to Datacap so when a HFS 2350 is uploaded or scanned:

  • IES now recognizes the receipt of a HFS 2350,
  • A trigger is sent to IES that systematically issues temporary medical coverage on an application/case that is still pending, and
  • A task is not created.

A worker can create a manual task titled "Medical-2350 Follow-up" for an assigned worker to complete the action at a later time. The task will be placed in the Compliance Queue.

Form HFS 2350 may be printed locally from Pending Correspondence when necessary.

Note: An individual may request Temporary Medical Coverage at any time when an application or case remains pending due to Department Delay (See: WAG 17-03-03: Medical Applications for Agency Delay timeframes). Individuals are not required to have been issued the HFS 2350 to request temporary medical coverage.

IES Central Case Actions

IES systematically enters the following information in the Temporary Medical page as a result of sending the HFS 2350:

  • Agency Delay,
  • Cohen Schedule,
    • All other Medical Programs, or
    • AABD Disability.
  • Date of Notice Entitlement.

IES enters the following information when the temporary medical card is issued systematically as a result of the upload process:

Temporary Medical page entries:

  • Card Issue Date,
  • Coverage Begin Date.
    • 61st day from the application date for All Other Medical Programs, or
    • 76th day from the application date for AABD Disability.

Temporary medical coverage will not begin before the specified coverage begin date.

Case/Application Comment Entries:

  • Enters a case/application comment that states "HFS 2350 issued this date through systematic action",
  • Sets the type of contact as "Other/No contact", and
  • Sets the "Created BY" to the Virtual Intake Coordinator of the office where the case/application resides.

All manually created "Medical-2350 Follow-up" tasks in IES are closed when the application or case no longer meets the conditions for Temporary Medical Coverage.

Ending Temporary Medical Coverage

IES does not end Temporary Medical coverage when an individual's application/case for medical is denied. Send form HFS 2958 to the Exception Processing Unit (EPU) to end Temporary Medical Coverage when the medical is denied for at least one person.

Temporary Medical coverage will end systematically when an individual's medical application/case has been approved. No further action is needed by the caseworker if the medical is approved for all individuals requesting medical.

Case Comments

Enter a case comment for each action taken.