9/21/18 Child Care Provider Training Verification Notice




September 21, 2018


Dear CCAP Providers,

Thank you for being part of a network of providers serving over 130,000 children across Illinois. The Illinois Department of Human Services would like to express gratitude to the thousands of licensed and license-exempt* child care providers who have successfully completed all required trainings: First Aid, CPR, IDCFS Mandated Reporter, What is CCAP?, and Child Development Health and Safety Training (CDHS). We sincerely appreciate your commitment to providing quality care in a healthy, safe environment. If you have not yet completed the minimum training requirements of First Aid, CPR, and IDCFS Mandated Reporter, please do so as soon as possible. Contact your local Child Care Resource and Referral Agency (CCR&R) to register for a free training in your area.

Beginning October 1, 2018, IDHS will begin verifying the completion of training for all providers. This verification process may take up to eight weeks, as DHS is updating its system to verify training completion. Once the verification process is complete all providers will be formally notified of whether or not they are fully qualified, provisionally qualified, or not qualified to receive CCAP payments. Please note, to be provisionally qualified providers must complete First Aid, CPR, and IDCFS Mandated Reporter. If providers have not met the minimum training requirements, and are found not qualified, a 30-day grace period will be extended to allow providers to submit proof of training. Following the 30-day grace period, payments may be withheld until proof of training is submitted. Please note, all CCAP providers will remain qualified for payment until the verification process is completed; providers have been notified of their status; and the 30-day grace period has been exhausted.

Following verification, providers will be assigned to one of the following categories:

  • Category 1 - FULLY QUALIFIED: Provider has completed First Aid, CPR, Mandated Reporter, What is CCAP?, and one of the included CDHS training routes. This provider is fully eligible to receive CCAP payments.
  • Category 2 - PROVISIONALLY QUALIFIED: Provider has completed First Aid, CPR and Mandated Reporter. Provider must complete a CDHS Training Route and What is CCAP? within their respective 90-day grace period. The end date of the grace period will be 12/31/2018 for all current providers. CCAP payments will continue during the grace period, however providers in this category may not enroll new children in CCAP until training requirements are fully complete.
  • Category 3 - NOT QUALIFIED: Provider has not completed First Aid, CPR, and/or Mandated Reporter training and is not qualified to receive payments for child care. Providers will be extended a 30-day grace period to submit proof of training. If proof of training is not provided within the 30-day grace period, CCAP payments may be withheld until the provider submits proof of training and the minimum training requirements are verified.

*Please note, license-exempt providers who only care for relative school age children are NOT required to complete these trainings.

All child care providers must be registered in the Gateways to Opportunity Registry. Providers must self-report trainings at www.ilgateways.com. Please log into the registry to verify that all of your trainings are logged in and are up to date. Below, please find additional helpful links:

IDHS thanks you for your commitment to the health, safety and development of Illinois' children in child care settings. If you have any questions about this notice or want to know more about the CCAP Training Requirements, please send an email to dhs.ccap-reauth@illinois.gov.


Illinois Department of Human Services
Office of Early Childhood - Child Care Assistance Program