IMHPAC: Minutes July 12th, 2018

Attendees in Chicago:

Mary Ann Abate, Fred Friedman, Joanne Furnas, Dennis Hopkins, Irwin Kerzner, Ron Melka, Brenda Hampton, Matt Perry, Amy Starin, John Shustitzky

Attendees in Springfield:

Diana Knaebe, Lee Ann Reinert

Attendees by Telephone:

Cindy Backstein, Georgianne Broughton, Ray Connor, Andrea Cooke, Regina Crider, Cindy Daxenbichler, Sondra Frazier, AJ French, Anne Irving, Nanette Larson, Pearl Madlock, Sue Schroeder, Dan Silbert,


Stephanie Altman, Porenda Aaruptz, Joe Cirrincione, Thayne Dykstra, John Fallon, Belinda Gunning, Tracy Hopkins, Patty Johnstone, James Kellermann, Irene O'Neill, Kate Mahoney, Alicia Warren, Michael Wathen, Sarah Wiemeyer

Call to Order:

The Meeting was called to order by Andrea Cooke at 12:38 p.m.

Approval of Minutes

Amy Starin moved to approve the Meeting Minutes from May 3, 2018, seconded by Ron Melka. Motion Passed.

Division of Mental Health Report

  • Diana Knaebe: Rule 132 has been filed.
  • Lee Ann Reinert: Has filed SAMSHA grants, hopeful for approval.
  • Block Grant: Early Serious Mental Illness - have been able to bring on 3 more teams at the end of June. All teams will train together this fall.
  • DMH has been in discussion to bring in individuals with Lived Experiences to join the teams.
  • Ray Connor: Wants Council to resolve the funding issues with hospitals and children's programs immediately. Amended letter will be created and sent to 4 secretaries regarding Illinois Children's Mental Health. Cindy Daxenbichler seconded.
  • Brenda (DMH): Colbert - New lead is Felicia Gray. FY'18 - 315 class members out of a targeted of 400.
  • William Consent Decree. FY'19 implementation Plan has been submitted. Targets for FY'19 remain the same. Discussion on referenced why the 400 target not met. Annual Report is filed in December and is available in January. Recidivism = 283 members have returned to long term care out of over 2,000.

IHFS Report: (Kelly Cunningham)

  • Ongoing BH transformation includes approval of 1115 Waiver.
  • Beginning to get approval on State Plan amendments which address Crisis Services, Medication and Integrated Screening and Assessment.
  • Behavioral Health Clinics are being added to increase availability of services. Psych Services Add-On will continue in FY'19. August 1st deadline for IM-CANS discussed. No definite answer on January 1st.

Shriver Center Presentation: Stephanie Altman

Stephanie Altman gave a history and information about the Shriver Center and their services. Due to limited time, additional questions can be sent to Stephanie at

Strategic Planning Committee:

  • John: Not presenting this for approval today, merely input.
  • Andrea: Should IMHPAC be writing grants?
  • Final meeting with consultant is August 17th. Requesting input/feedback prior to that date.

Committee Reports:

  • Development:

  • Development Committee Report was presented by Ron Melka.
  • Recruitment of Potential Council Members: 15 candidates are under consideration. Potential candidates were invited to attend this Council Meeting.
  • The Development Committee presents the following Slate of Candidates for consideration of the IMHPAC Officer Positions:
    • Consumer Co-Chair: (1 vacancy)

Ray Connor (withdrew)

Fred Friedman

Matt Perry

o Provider Co-Chair: (1 vacancy)

Mary Ann Abate

Margo Roethlisberger

o Secretary:(1 vacancy)

Thayne Dykstra

o Treasurer:Tracey Hopkins

Once confirmation of all candidates is made, secret mail-in ballot will be sent out. Fred suggested that the candidates give a one page summary.

- Appointment of Parliamentarian: Ron is recommending this to be added to the By-laws and someone be appointed.

* Children & Adolescents:

Has not met - no report.

* Justice Committee :

This will be placed under old business on the next agenda:

1) Election of New Members

2) Confirmation of Officers

3) Strategy Plan

New Business:


Public Comment:



Motion to adjourn was made at 2:35 p.m. Motion Carried.

Next Meeting:

Scheduled for September 6th - 12:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Joanne Furnas

Acting IMHPAC Secretary