Questions and Answers for 19-444-26-1725-01 Access to Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) - SOR NOFO

This is a link to SAMHSA's website listing the waivered physicians in Illinois:

This is a link to the listing of physicians currently prescribing Vivitrol:

The Slides from the August 23 webinar are now posted on the NOFO

Q1: Please define "substantial population center surrounded by more rural areas". This is on page 5 of 23 directly infront of your reference to Attachment 2.

A1: A substantial population center is a town/city with a larger population than the areas it surrounds. In most regions there is a more central location where many of the medical services may be located. This area is usually surrounded by smaller, less accessible locations. For example, Springfield, IL would be considered a substantial population center and it is surrounded by smaller communities.

Q2: What is the Submission date for the NOFO, it states the 12, and the 15?

A2: There was a typo on the NOFO the Submission date is October 15, 2018 before Noon.