IMHPAC Development Committee Minutes - June 6th 2018

Draft Minutes of the Special Meeting of the Development Committee

Respectfully Submitted by Cara Emrich, acting Secretary of the Committee, and Ron Melka, Co-Chair

June 6 2018

Ron Melka called the meeting to order at 3:03PM. He took a roll call of members present. Members present ere: Andrea Cooke, Nanette Larson, Ray Connor, Ron Melka, and John Shustitzky.

Ron called for the approval of the minutes from the meeting of April 26, 2018. Andrea moved to accept the minutes. Cara seconded. Approved.

Ron moved to approve the meeting agenda. Cara moved to accept the agenda. Andrea seconded. Approved

Agenda item #4- Recruitment of potential Council members.

Ron gave a breakdown of the candidates by region. Discussion of who received the list and who did not. Nanette gave mention that the sub-committee was supposed to review the candidates. The sub-committee was to meet before the next IMHPAC meeting on July 12 2018. Ron had emailed out resumes to the sub-committee. Nanette suggested potential members that are in the Recovery Movement and are providers, their lives are mingled, and so do we want to consider that? Ron made a note to consider it. Nanette suggested by the September meeting we to have had potential candidates attend meetings, even in July. John wants to have potentials brought forth even in July.

Agenda item #5- Nomination of Officers

After nominations and serious discussion, the Development Committee presents the following Slate of Candidates for consideration of the IMHPAC Officer Positions (presented in alphabetical order of last name).

Consumer Co-Chair (1 Vacancy)

 Ray Connor

 Matt Perry

Provider Consumer Co-Chair (1 Vacancy)

 Mary Ann Abate

 Margo Roethlisberger

Treasurer (1 Vacancy)

John declines to be re-elected.

 Fred Freeman

 Tracy Hopkins

Secretary (1 Vacancy)

 Thayne Dykstra

Ron asked for recommendations as to conducting the election at the IMHPAC meeting. Should we prepare a ballot and mail it out or have a voice vote? John stated he is willing to make it a secret ballot and handle the mailing process. Discussion followed. John stated he will move at the IMHPAC meeting for a secret ballot vote. The members would then make the decision at that time as to a voice vote or secret mail in ballot.

Ron asked if there were any other comments. Nanette recommended a IMHPAC have a Parliamentarian as a permanent position on the council. Discussion followed as to the duties of that role. It should be someone who has longevity in the Council. John has advised if not approved as a bylaw change then the Co-Chair could call for or assign someone to the position. Ron said the By-Laws of the Council need to be reviewed and revised, and that could be a part of the revision, though it would take a while and new officers would need assistance as soon as they are in office. In the interim, one could be appointed by the Co-Chairs. Ron asks that the Committee recommends having a Parliamentarian appointed. It was approved by consensus.

There was discussion about the upcoming retreat.

Ron Called for Public Comment. There was none.

Andrea moved to adjourn at 3:38 PM. Ray seconded. The meeting adjourned.