07.11.01 - Interagency Agreements

Effective Date: 09/01/04

Reference: ILCS 505/5.15 (b)

Policy Statement:

The Illinois Department of Human Services is responsible for coordinating all day care activities for children of the State. The Department of Human Services shall work cooperatively with other state agencies providing child care services to address the needs of families and children and eliminate service system barriers.

Interagency agreements will not be required unless agreed upon activities require the transfer of funds from one agency to another or if the agencies involved determine that an interagency agreement shall be beneficial to the successful attainment of mutually agreed upon goals.


Interagency agreements must be established in situations where funds in excess of $10,000 will be transferred from one agency to another.

The agency administering the funds to be transferred shall reduce the agreement to writing, obtain all required signatures, and file the agreement in accordance with state guidelines.

The agreement must clearly delineate each agency’s role and responsibilities concerning the agreement and the term and conditions governing the use of funds.

Interagency agreements are not required for activities that do not involve the transfer of funds from one agency to another. Agencies are not precluded from entering into an interagency agreement if they mutually agree that doing so would be beneficial to all involved.