07.04.02 - Provider Sanctions

Effective Date: 11/24/03

Revised: 06/10/13, 12/12/19

Reference: 89 Ill. Adm. Code, Chapter IV, §50.440 (e)

Policy Statement:

Payments will not be made to a provider who, after receiving written notification of an outstanding overpayment, fails to establish a repayment plan or is in default of a repayment plan.


If a provider does not respond to the second notice of overpayment in the required 15-day time frame or does not provide valid written documentation to contradict or negate the overpayment, staff in the Bureau of Subsidy Management will notify the CCR&R,  to close out the provider on all active cases, giving the client and provider a 10 day notice. In addition, the provider may not be approved for new applications.

The provider will not be eligible for any child care payments until the overpayment has been repaid in full or until a repayment plan has been established and the first payment has been received.

If a repayment plan is established and the provider misses a payment, the Bureau of Subsidy Management will notify the CCR&R to close out the provider on all active cases until full restitution has been made.

Bureau of Subsidy Management will notify the City of Chicago and/or all appropriate Day Care Home Networks, if necessary.

The City of Chicago and the Day Care Home Networks cannot reinstate the sanctioned provider unless official written notification has been received from  the Bureau of Subsidy Management.