07.01.01 - Confidentiality

Effective Date: 01/01/04,

Revised: 04/18/16, 12/12/19

Policy Statement:

The Illinois Department of Human Services, Bureau of Subsidy Management considers all information contained in a child care case record confidential. The use of or disclosure of parent or provider information for commercial, personal, or political purposes is strictly prohibited.


Staff are required to guarantee the confidentiality of case and payment information and to assure that case information is used only for purposes directly related to the administration of IDHS Child Care Programs.

The following are considered administrative purposes:

  • Establishing a parent's initial or continued eligibility.
  • Finding and making needed services and resources available to parents.
  • Assisting DCFS in investigations of reports of child abuse or neglect.
  • Processing and follow-up of child care payments and provider information.

Prior to releasing any information about a case to outside sources, you must obtain a written release of information from the parent or provider. This release is included on the most recent version of the Child Care Application, IL444-3455 (R-11/15) and the most recent version of the Request for Redetermination, IL444-3455E (R-08/16).