06.05.01 - Payment Rates

Effective Date: 07/01/00

Revised 11/9/21, 12/21/21, 07/01/22

Reference: Child Care Payment Rate Chart; Rate Certification Form; Cross Reference: 01.04.02 - School Age Children

Policy Statement

A licensed child care provider or license-exempt child care center must notify the Department or its Agents of their published payment rates by completing a IL444-4469 - Child Care Rate Certification Form (pdf) or IL444-4469 S - Certificación Para Tarifa de Cuidado de Niños o Guardería (pdf) whenever one or more of the following conditions apply:

  • annually, for a Site Administered Child Care Provider upon renewal of a contract;
  • upon a change in licensing status (i.e. a change from license-exempt home provider to a licensed day care home provider);
  • to report a rate change that does not exceed the current CCAP rate.


  1. Maximum Daily Rates 
    1. The rates listed in this section's Payment Rate Chart are the maximum rates that the Illinois Department of Human Services will pay according to the provider type, County and length of time each day care was given.
    2. Providers must not charge the State a higher rate for a parent receiving subsidized child care than is charged to their private paying clients. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
      1. Discounted rates charged to private paying parents who pay at the beginning of the week or month. The discounted pre-pay rate is the maximum that can be charged to the State of Illinois for a family receiving subsidized child care assistance.
      2. Discounted rates or fee reductions to families with more than one child in care. The discounted sibling rate must be applied to the State of Illinois for a family receiving subsidized child care assistance in the same manner as is applied to private paying families.
      3. Providers who offer discounts for children of their private-pay employees must apply the same discount to their employees that are are approved for CCAP payments. 
      4. Sliding Scale Rates.
      5. Scholarships
    3. All discounted rates offered to private pay families must be reflected in the rates charged to the State of Illinois
      • NOTE:  Sections B. and C above do not apply to providers approved for an Attendance Exemption under Policy 02.06.01. for the duration of the attendance exemption.
  2. Rate Types (Full-Time, Part-Time)
    1. Use the part-time rate if the care is provided for less than 5 hours per day.
    2. Use the full-time rate if the care is provided from 5 through 12 hours per day.
    3. If the care provided is more than 12 hours but less than 17 hours in a day, use the full day rate for the first 12 hours of care and the part day rate for the remainder.
    4. If the care provided is from 17 to 24 hours in a day, use the full day rate for the first 12 hours and a full day rate for the remainder.
  3. Rate Changes
    1. IDHS will notify CCR&Rs and CCAP providers any time the maximum daily rates will be changed.
    2. If a provider is approved with a rate lower than the CCAP maximum, they can submit a Rate Certification Form (IL444-4469) at any time to increase their rate.
    3. Providers can also submit a Rate Certification form to reduce their daily rates at any time. 
    4. Providers have 60 days to submit a rate certification form following an increase in CCAP reimbursement rates.