Rate Increase for DDD Programs - DD.18.001

Illinois Department of Human Services
Division of Developmental Disabilities
Information Bulletin


This Information Bulletin serves as notice of a rate increase for community based programs pursuant to Public Act 100-0587.


The legislature appropriated funding to the Illinois Department of Human Services to increase rates and reimbursements to fund a minimum of a $0.50 per hour wage increase for front-line personnel, including, but not limited to, direct support persons, aides, front-line supervisors, qualified intellectual disabilities professionals, nurses, and non-administrative support staff working in community-based provider organizations serving individuals with developmental disabilities and facilities licensed by the Department of Public Health under the ICF/ID Care Act as ICF/ID Facilities and the MC/DD Care Act as MC/DD (fna SNF/Ped) facilities and ICF/ID day training.

The intent of the wage increase is to improve wages and/or benefits for the above referenced categories of employees. In no case should the money be used to cover other operational costs or expenses, or fund wage or benefit increases for other employees. The Division does not intend to define the term "other, non-administrative support staff", which is referenced in the legislation. That will be left to individual agencies. It is incumbent upon each provider to implement the wage increase for its employees.

The $0.50 per hour wage increase was intended to benefit all covered employees and applied across the board. It should not be provided as a performance-based bonus or merit increase. It is our expectation that all covered employees will receive the wage and corresponding fringe benefit increase effective July 1, 2018. The wage increase is applicable to the programs listed in the table below.

For providers that serve individuals located within the corporate city limits of Chicago, the department is implementing a funding increase to accommodate the $12.00 minimum wage which goes into effect July 1, 2018. The total increase amounts to $0.54 instead of the $0.50 and applies to direct service personnel only. All other staff positions receive the $0.50 wage increase. The applicable increase and/or wage rate is listed in the table below. For residential services the percentage used to calculate the new rates will be determined by the individual's residential address.

For Day Services, the department has determined which agencies have approved day training sites within the Chicago city limits and will adjust payments for 31U day services based on billing from the applicable providers.

Rate Calculations and Grant Amendments:

The programs impacted by the wage increase are depicted on the table below. The Division will recalculate rates and issue new rate sheets for all individuals in those programs that use individual rates and all facilities for those programs that use provider rates. Grant agreements will be amended if necessary for all applicable grant programs. The rate recalculation and grant amendment process will take approximately 60 days to complete; however, the increase is effective July 1, 2018. Grant agreements will include language to allow pre-award costs for personnel costs to facilitate a July 1, 2018 effective date. Although general percentage increases are displayed below to estimate overall impact and explain calculations used by the Division, providers should look to their actual rate sheets and grant agreements for actual funding expectations.

Overall Program Calculations:

In addition to the $0.50 per hour increase described above, the Administration has decided to increase rates and funding to allow for the impact of the wage increase to fringe benefits. The financial impact of the $0.50 per hour increase, plus the fringe, was converted into a percentage for all programs. The percentage increase varies among the programs due to the different fringe percentages included in the rate methodologies. The ICF/IDD and MC/DD percentage increase will not be adjusted for the Health Service Area (H.S.A.) multipliers. Applying the HSA multiplier would have resulted in a wage increase less than $0.50 per hour for 91 of the 225 ICF/DD providers and two of the 10 MC/DD providers.

Wage Increase Effect on Home Based Services/Purchase of Services:

Standard statewide rates that are used within the Home-Based Services and Support (HBS) Program, e.g., rates for Developmental Training, Supported Employment and Self Directed Assistance (SDA), will be impacted by this increase. The monthly allocation for HBS, however, is not changed by this action since HBS increases are enacted in January of each year, when applicable, in accordance with federal Supplemental Security Income changes.

All Individuals and Families who purchase services and supports though Home Based funding need to revise their HBS Service Agreement to accommodate any new rates. Any individual or family who need or want help adjusting their HBS Service Agreement should contact and hire a Self Directed Assistance Agency. A SDA agency will help ensure any needed modifications are made to the individual's HBS Service Agreement so that the increased rates are accommodated within the individual's monthly HBS allocation. Copies of the revised HBS Service Agreement needs to be given or mailed to each service provider. If the HBS individual uses ACES$ as their Financial Intermediary a copy of revised HBS Service Agreement also must be provided to ACES$. Please remember these changes are implemented as of July 1, 2018. All HBS Service Agreements need to be revised retroactively to July 1, 2018.

Increase by Program

Children's Residential

Bill Code Program Name Statewide Chicago
17D Child Group Home 3.1812% N/A

Adult Residential

Bill Code Program Name Statewide Chicago
60D CILA 3.2326% 3.3567%
41D SHP 3.1812% 3.3052%
42D SLC 3.1812% N/A
65H CILA Hourly 3.1812% 3.3052%
67D CLF - Waiver 3.1812% 3.3052%
67E CLF - Non Waiver 3.1812% 3.3052%
72D Related Support 3.1812% N/A


Program Name Statewide Chicago
Facilities 3.1914% 3.3153%
MC/DD Exceptional Care 3.1914% 3.3153%
ICF/IDD Day Programs 3.1914% 3.3153%


Bill Code Program Name Statewide Chicago
56U Behavioral Therapy 3.1812% 3.1812%
58U Therapy Individual 3.1812% 3.1812%
58G Therapy Group 3.1812% 3.1812%
57U Counseling Individual 3.1812% 3.1812%

Day Programs & Non-Residential

Bill Code Program Name Statewide Chicago
53R Add Staff CILA $0.50 $0.54
53D Add Staff DT $0.50 $0.54
30U DT - Other 3.1812% N/A
31S SODC DT 3.1812%
31A DT - Advance 3.1812% 3.3052%
31U DT - Site Based 3.1812% 3.3052%
37U At Home Day Services 3.1812% 3.3052%
38U Regular Work 3.1812% 3.3052%
39G Supported Employment 3.1812% 3.3052%
39U Supported Employment 3.1812% 3.3052%
50D Grant ISSA 3.1812% 3.1812%
55A Self-Directed Assistance 3.1812% 3.1812%
500 Grant ISC 3.1812% 3.1812%
780 Grant PAS 3.1812% 3.1812%
87D Respite 3.1812% 3.1812%
89D Respite 3.1812% 3.1812%
880 Grant Group Respite 3.1812% 3.1812%
781 Grant Bogard 3.1812% 3.1812%

Staff Training Reimbursement

Program Name Statewide Chicago
ICF/IDD Facilities 3.1914% 3.3153%
Community Programs 3.1812% 3.3052%

Notes to Table: 

ICF/ID & ICF/ID DT Percentage will not be adjusted by HSA.

The following programs are not included in the wage increase:  

19D - CCI Rates are set by Illinois Purchase of Care Review Board.

67O - CLF Out-of-State Rates are set by the respective state.

52O, 52P, 52S - Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy rates are tied to State Medicaid Rates.

35U - Senior Day Services rate is tied to Department of Aging rate formula.

55D - Personal Support Worker rates are set by the individual consumer.

Program Fringe Rates: 

CILA & Community Programs Staff Training Fringe Benefits Calculated at 25% 

POS & Day Programs Fringe Benefits Calculated at 20% 

ICF/IDD, MC/DD, ICF/IDD DT and ICF/IDD Facilities Staff Training Fringe Benefits Calculated at 21% 


It is incumbent upon each provider to implement the wage increase for their employees. Failure to do so may result in recovery of these funds by Division or other sanctions as determined by the Division. Providers should keep their employees informed of when they should expect the wage increase to be reflected in their paychecks. Employees not receiving their wage increase should direct their inquiries to their employer.

The information contained herein should not be considered a substitute for the appropriate official statutes, rules, regulations, or the advice of legal counsel.

Effective Date:

This rate change is effective July 1, 2018.