FY 2019 grant agreements for the DHS/DMH

DMH Providers,

  1. We have begun publishing the FY 2019 grant agreements for the DHS Division of Mental Health. Your agency will be sent an email via the CSA tracking system to retrieve the agreement to review and sign. Once signed, please scan the signature page and email it to the Office of Contract Administration (OCA) at: DHS.DHSOCA@illinois.gov as soon as possible to allow time for processing. All signature pages are due before June 30, 2018 for services to begin on July 1.
  2. Attention to those agencies whose SAM.gov account will be expiring: The renewal process is taking up to 4-6 weeks. In order to have contracts awarded by July 1st, the Division of Mental Health has been requested to obtain a screen shot of the SAM.gov status that depicts the status of the notarized confirmation letter. Your agency will need to log into the SAM.gov system in order to acquire this. If SAM.gov does not depict that the notarized letter was received, we are in need of a copy of the letter and a copy of the mail/shipping receipt before a Notice of State Award or grant agreement can be issued for FY 2019.

SAM.gov website:

  1. The Secretary of State status must be kept "Active". If your agency is "Not In Good Standing", please contact the Secretary of State, Department of Business Services at (217) 782-6961 and comply with all requirements in order to be returned to "Active" status. This is a requirement for receipt of a state contract award for FY 2019.

Feel free to contact Mary Hebert at 217/785-3298 or Mary.hebert@illinois.gov if you have any questions.

We value your services and thank you for your responsiveness and patience during this process.

DMH Fiscal Office