Social Service Package B (SSPB) Assignments

Dear Community Mental Health Provider,

As you are painfully aware issues occurred in October 2017 during an information technology update to the e-RIN system. These issues caused a backlog of Social Service Package B (SSPB) assignments, which then kept community providers from being able to register individuals in the Illinois Mental Health Collaborative's Registration system. This also caused problems with submitting claims for Rule 132 services.

IDHS/DMH is happy to announce that after several months of system changes and testing to ensure a seamless transition we will no longer have a requirement that RINs for individuals with an SMI need to have a SSPB indicator. Effective immediately you will not need to apply for SSPB. Changes have occurred with the Registration system to bypass this requirement. We do ask that you still validate the need internally for Rule 132 services prior to registering an individual and submitting claims.

The temporary lift of the 90 day backdating of registrations will occur beginning on June 1, 2018. Providers will be required to submit registrations for all affected consumers and registrations can be backdated to June 1, 2017 if necessary. We are working with Beacon Health Options to ensure this large task will be as seamless and painless as possible.

To ensure the entering of backdated registrations does not create issues for claim submittal you will need to adhere to the following requirements.

Submit Registrations in Chronological Order

It's imperative that registrations are submitted/accepted in chronological order, by start date, for each consumer. If a backdated registration is submitted for a consumer that already has a registration with a more recent start date, the backdated registration will overwrite the more recent registration.

For example: If the more recent registration has a start date of 7/1/2017 and then a backdated registration is submitted (for the same consumer) with a 6/1/2017 start date, the registration not only starts a month sooner but also expires a month sooner.

The registration with the oldest start date needs to be submitted first. When it's accepted, the registration with the next oldest start date can be submitted, and the same process should continue to be followed through the current date. If registrations are not submitted in chronological order, it will ultimately lead to claim rejections.

Many providers were impacted resulting in thousands of registrations pending so we ask that your staff begin preparing for the 90 day limit to be lifted. This is a temporary lift and we are anticipating most of these registrations to be in place within a month. There will be some time beyond this period to assist with any outstanding registrations but the plan is to not exceed two months.

IDHS/DMH has been working with Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) to lift the 180 day timely filing limit and we have to have more details to share soon. It would be in providers best interest to spend the time prior ensuring that registrations that previously could not be completed due to the 90 day registration backdating limit are entered in the ProviderConnect.

Thank you for your continued efforts in serving individuals with mental illness in Illinois.

Diana Knaebe, Director