IMHPAC: Draft Minutes of the Special Meeting of the Development Committee-04/26/2018

Respectfully Submitted by Andrea Cooke, acting Secretary of the Committee

April 26, 2018

Ron Melka called the meeting to order at 2:34pm. He took a roll call of members present. Present were Ray Connor, Fred Friedman, John Shustitky, Andrea Cooke, Nanette Larson, Irwin Kerzner and Ron Melka.

Andrea requested that appointing a Co-Chair to the Development Committee be added to the agenda. Fred motioned to approve the agenda with the modification. Andrea seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Fred moved to accept the minutes. Andrea seconded. Motion carried.

Ron said he sent out a document inviting potential candidates to apply to join IMHPAC. He said he got 14 people who sent resumes and/or letters of interest. He also received 7 requests for information. Ron said we want a diverse group and questioned how we should sort out the applicants. He called for a subcommittee to be formed to evaluate the potential candidates. Fred, Andrea, and Irwin volunteered to be on the subcommittee. Ron as committee co-chair will be on the evaluation subcommittee.

Andrea brought up that there are 45 IMHPAC members on the sign-in sheet. Ron said that is a conflict because he had 33 members on the Planning Council. Andrea agreed to send Ron the latest sign-sheet for him to compare.

Ron said he had only a few responses to his call for nomination and thought we should have nominations from the floor. Nanette said that DMH had submitted nominations. She declined to reveal who they were and said their nominations would come from the floor.

Fred motioned that nominations be taken from the floor. Andrea seconded the motion. Nanette called for the motion to be voted on. Motion carried.

There was discussion regarding appointing a co-chair, and a potential candidate has been approached.

Ron adjourned the meeting at 2:58pm and asked the members of the subcommittee evaluating the potential candidates to stay on the teleconference to schedule their meeting.