04.06.02 - Change in Information - Provider

Effective Date: 01/01/00
Revised:  09/17/09 03/6/13, 07/01/17

Reference: None; Cross Reference: 05.02.01, W-9 Certification; 05.03.01, CANTS

Policy Statement:

To preserve the accuracy of provider information, and ensure the health and safety of children a provider must notify the Department or its agent in writing of incorrect or invalid information or a change in any information that may effect the status of a payment or a contract. Providers must report criminal convictions, change in household members, change in type of care, and address changes.


All changes or corrections to provider information must be processed within ten (10) business days of receipt of written notification to ensure the prompt delivery of child care payments.

  1. SSN/FEIN Change
    1. After receiving notification that a provider's SSN/FEIN is either incorrect or is changing, follow the instructions found in CCAP Policy 05.02.01 W-9 Certification.
  2. Address and/or Zip Code Change
    1. If a provider reports that their mailing address has or will change, the provider must document the address change in writing.
    2. If the provider is license-exempt, the written notification must be signed by the provider and the parent.
  3. After the written notification of an address and/or zip code change is received, follow the instructions for Add Update Provider Record Information.
    1. If the provider is licensed, obtain current licensing information.
    2. If the provider is license exempt, keep a copy of the written notification in the client's case record and/or the provider's file.
  4. Name Change
    If a provider reports a name change, the new name must be certified by the Comptroller before any payments can be issued. CCR&R staff should follow the procedures listed below to process a name change or to add, change, or delete a DBA name:
    1. Issue the provider a new W-9 form.
    2. After the provider returns the completed W-9 form, CCR&R staff should review the W-9 form to ensure the form is legible and filled out completely.
    3. Mail the original W-9 form to the Office of the Comptroller. (Refer to 05.02.01)
    4. If the provider's name changed because he or she got married, issue CANTS forms for each new family member living in the household age 13 and over in accordance with 05.03.01.
  5. Additional Address/DBA
    If a provider has more than one location (i.e. KinderCare Learning Centers), multiple programs (YWCA--after school, summer camp, and child care program), or uses a secondary name (i.e. Jane Doe, DBA Jane's Day Care), CCR&R staff must complete the Additional Address/DBA information in CCMS.
    1. Client and provider name and addresses should be updated in CCMS to ensure notices and certificates are mailed to the correct location.
    2. Provider Date of Birth and SSN Information.  CCMS now requires all home providers to offer their Social Security number (even if paid under their FEIN) and date of birth for identity verification purposes.
      1. This information may be verbally obtained when needed.
      2. The Child Care Program Manual authorizes CCR&R's to call parents and child care providers to request missing information verbally. (Refer to Policy 02.02.02 Request for Additional Information Part II) This will be necessary until written notification requests can be sent to all home provider.
  6. The following language may be used by CCAP staff to verbally obtain this information:

"The new State of Illinois Child Care Management System requires social security numbers and dates of birth for all licensed home providers. This information was not required by the former State system. You can provide this information verbally if this is acceptable to you. If not, I will send you a request for this information in writing. Please know that until we receive this information, we may not be able to take action on some parent cases that you serve."

NOTE: Providers are NOT required to provide this information over the phone. If a provider refuses to give this information verbally, request submission in writing as soon as possible.