Q & A 19-444-26-1693-01 Access to MAT Pilot NOFO

Questions and Answers for 19-444-26-1693-01 Access to MAT Pilot NOFO

Q 1. When is PRA -1693 due?

A 1. The PRA must be completed before the contract is issued. The link is on the same page as the NOFO: PRA-1693

Q 2. Are DASA approved OTP's eligible applicants?

A 2. Applicants must include an Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) site that is currently licensed by IDHS/SUPR (formerly DASA) to provide Outpatient Methadone Treatment services and that will be able to perform the services of the Hub (see definition in NOFO). The OTP does not have to be the lead applicant, but an OTP can fill this role.

Q 3. Please advise more about MAT deserts. If a county has 2 outpatient treatment programs for a whole county, is this considered a desert? Or must applicants select a county with no OTPs?

A 3. MAT deserts are defined as counties with none of the three MAT medications currently being dispensed/prescribed by providers; the maps attached in the NOFO show the counties that are considered MAT deserts. A county could still be considered a MAT desert if it includes IDHS/SUPR licensed treatment providers.

Q 4. Where is the list of licensed physicians for Buprenorphine and Vivitrol?

A 4. This is a link to SAMHSA's website listing the waivered physicians in Illinois:


This is a link to the listing of physicians currently prescribing Vivitrol: https://www.vivitrol.com/find-a-treatment-provider

Q 5. Is there a resource to establish a MAT desert area as part of the requirement (in addition to the slide in this presentation) to assess a specific region/county?

A 5. No. The maps that accompany this presentation (also linked in the NOFO) are what we are using to determine MAT desert areas.

Q 6. Is there a limit to the Indirect Cost % that can be requested? If we are to use our federally negotiated rate, will the total Direct Costs be compared in determining the awardees? In other words, if we use our federally negotiated IDC rate, will we be at a disadvantage when compared to an applicant using the de minimus rate?

A 6. The budget does not receive a score (points) in the review process. The impact of the Indirect Cost Rate will be reflected in the cost per patient for services. Applicants will not be compared on the basis of the total Direct Costs. Reviewers will be directed to score applications on the basis of their responses to the program narrative components.

Q 7. Where can we access the slides?

A 7. The slides are available on the webinar site and you can also request a copy from: Joseph.Tracy@illinois.gov

Q 8. Assumption that regular services that are Medicaid covered will continue to be billed to the MCO or HFS?

A 8. Yes, any services currently billed would continue to be billed in the same way.

Q 9. What do you mean by "comprehensive addiction services" as described in the NOFO?

A 9. "Each applicant will serve its defined area and provide access to comprehensive opioid use disorder treatment services to patients meeting appropriate American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) patient placement clinical criteria. In addition, these pilot networks will assure the provision of recovery support services based upon client needs; services may include mental health and/or substance use disorder treatment, pain management, family supports, life skills, job development, and peer recovery supports." These services can be provided directly or through agreements with other agencies in the network.

Q10. Were you able to read the LOI yesterday? The file was too large for pdf so I sent as picture

A10. Yes the file was received. If files are too large to email there is a link under E. Application Review Information

* If you have trouble emailing the document due to the file size, please utilize the CMS File Transfer Utility located at https://filet.illinois.gov/filet/PIMupload.asp. Please follow the instructions to attach your application. Remember to include the subject line above.

Q11. Will I be able to apply for grant?

A11. Yes. You may submit an application.  LOI was requested but not required.

Q12. the RFP states:

ALL Applications MUST include the following mandatory forms/attachments in the order identified below.

a. Uniform State Grant Application

b. Grant Fixed Rate Budget Template (pdf) -

This is not an expense based budget? Are you asking us to estimate DASA billing here?

A12. There is an error in the NOFO. Your budget should be put on the Uniform Grant Budget Template, at this link: