04.06.01 - Change in Information - Parent

Effective Date: 01/01/00

Revised: 02/22/13, 07/01/2017, 12/01/2022

Reference: 89 Ill. Adm. Code, Chapter IV, §50.110 (e)

Policy Statement:

Parents are responsible for reporting to the Department or its agents additional income, loss of employment, or departure from an approved education or training that would affect eligibility for child care services.


  1. A client must notify the CCR&R or Site Administered Provider of a name and/or address change or of any change that may affect issuing redeterminations and other notices. 
  2. Clients are to report a job loss or break in activity within 30 days after the date of loss or break.
    1. Notification later than 30 days will not affect the length of grace periods.
  3.  CCR&R staff and Site Administered Providers must update a family's CCMS case information if any of the following occur:
    1. Reduction in income,
    2. Increase in income above 85% SMI
    3. Change in family size,
    4. Change in marital status,
    5. change in the number of days of care
    6. A report of increase hours in an activity should be updated if it results in additional days of care or in changing a part-time day into a full-time day of care.
    7. change in the reason for care.
  4. Address, Zip Code, or Name Change (Without a change in marital status)
  5. If the client is requesting a name change, ask the client if his/her family size or income has also changed.
  6. If so, and the change causes a positive change in the case (lower co-payment, increased number of eligible days...) the case must be updated in CCMS based on the new family size. 
    1. New approval letters are to be sent to the client and provider once the update has been completed.
  7. After receiving the written notification of an address, zip code or name change (without a marital status change), update the Child Care Management System (CCMS) as appropriate.
  8. CAP eligibility is not to be redetermined during the 12 month eligibility period except to ensure family income remains below 85% SMI when the client reports an increase in income or new job.
  9. Changes that would lower a family's copayment, increase the amount of time the child is in care, change of provider or change of addresses must be entered into CCMS within 30 working days of notification to the CCR&R or Site.
  10. Temporary changes that would have an adverse effect on a family's CCAP case are to be case noted, but no change should occur to the case.  This includes, but is not limited to, changes in:
    1. marital status,
    2. family size,
    3. reason for care,
    4. number of days of care,
    5. type of care (either full time or part time), or
    6. an increase in income resulting in family income below 85% SMI. 
  11. Do not process routine income fluctuations as a change in income.