02.09.01 - Transferring an Active Case

Effective Date:  01/01/00

Revisions: 07/01/19
Reference: 89 Ill. Adm. Code, Chapter IV, §50.110;
Cross Reference: 02.03.01 - Redetermination

Policy Statement:

Parents may choose their child care arrangements, but payments will be subject to all appropriate rules.


These procedures are applicable to active cases in the Site Administered and Certificate Programs.


There are many reasons a case may need to be transferred from one agency (CCR&R/Site) to another, including but not limited to:

  • Client relocation;
  • Change of provider from one Site to another Site or from a Site to a certificate provider or vice versa;
  • Adding a provider which creates a Shared Case between two Site provider or a Site provider and a Certificate provider;
  • In order for a Site to adjust their caseload for contract utilization purposes;
  • As instructed by IDHS;
  • At the request of the client.

Cases being transferred should not be issued a Request for Redetermination.  For more information on redetermining a case for eligibility, see Policy 02.03.01 Redetermination https://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=10568

To transfer a case:

  1. Staff at the original Agency will:
    1. Contact the agency the case is being transferred to so they are aware;
    2. Create a Case Transfer work item from the original agency to the new agency in the Child Care Management System (CCMS);
    3. Enter a case note in the CCMS stating the reason the transfer is needed (client moving, new shared case, change of provider from a Site to a Certificate...) and all action taken as part of the transfer;
    4. Follow the instructions in the CCMS Help Wizards to transfer the case and close out the current provider, if necessary, in the CCMSContact DHS.CCMS-INFO@ILLINOIS.GOV if assistance is needed; and
    5. Copy all documents that are in the client's hard copy file that are not in CCMS and mail to the new agency.  Retain the original file for future monitoring and review purposes as stated in CCAP Policy 03.02.01.
  2. Staff at the new agency will:
    1. Complete the Transfer Work Item in CCMS;
    2. Maintain the same CCMS case number and eligibility period;
    3. Generate a new approval letter to inform the client and provider(S) of the agency that is now managing their case;
    4. Issue a Change of Information form so the client can report any changes;
    5. Issue a Change of Provider form and refer to CCR&R Parent Services for a provider search as needed.
    6. If the Change of Information form is returned, determine if any changes are needed to the case based on the above procedures.

Staff at the new agency will NOT issue a request for redetermination.