02.06.01 - Attendance Exemptions

Effective Date: 01/05/01
Revised:  1/20/12; 6/10/13

02.06.01 - Eligibility Determination - Attendance Exemption; Reference: None

Policy Statement:

To encourage subsidized child care programs to provide services during unforseen, extraordinary circumstances and to lessen the financial impact of those events which are beyond the control of the program, licensed child care centers may apply for an attendance exemption when an extraordinary event is responsible for substantially less than normal attendance.


An extraordinary event is described as:

  • a natural disaster, such as a tornado or flood,
  • a mechanical breakdown, such as a boiler breakdown, electrical outage, frozen water pipes, etc., which is of long enough duration to inhibit services,
  • a snowfall such that schools, offices, and/or industries are closed for the day,
  • an epidemic such that 50% of the children are absent on the same day or days during the month. This includes common illnesses such as chicken pox, flu, common cold, head lice, etc. If a case of communicable disease occurs in a child care facility, this fact shall not be considered a reason for this facility to close, except in the case of an emergency. And,
  • other extraordinary circumstances which will be individually examined by IDHS Child Care staff.


These procedure apply to licensed child care centers only.


Attendance Exemption Request form: IL444-4338 (pdf)


Licensed child care centers paid through the certificate program or site administered child care program may be eligible to receive an attendance exemption to lessen the financial impact of certain events which are beyond the control of the program.

All Attendance Exemption Requests will be authorized through the Bureau of Child Care & Development, Springfield. All inquires regarding an attendance exemption shall be referred to the IDHS liaison at DHS.CCAP.Policy@illinois.gov.

To receive an attendance exemption, a licensed child care center must:

  1. Contact the IDHS liaison at DHS.CCAP.Policy@illinois.gov within 5 business days of the event for which an attendance exemption is being requested.
  2. Fax the completed Attendance Exemption Request form and supporting documentation to the IDHS liaison at 217/557-4717 within 10 business days of the event.  Or, you may e-mail the form and documentation to DHS.CCAP.Policy@illinois.gov.
  3. The IDHS liaison will:
    1. Review the Attendance Exemption Request form: IL444-4338 (pdf) and supporting documentation,
    2. Approve or deny the request, and
    3. Notify the provider by returning the request via fax or e-mail.
  4. Attach the original approved Attendance Exemption Request Form to the Site Administered Monthly Enrollment Report (SAMER) or Child Care Certificate at the end of the month.  A Site Administered Provider who also serves families through the CCR&R may attach a copy of the approved Attendance Exemption Request form to the Child Care Certificate.
  5. Indicate at the top of the SAMER or Child Care Certificate: ATTENDANCE EXEMPTION FORM ATTACHED.
  6. Keep a copy of the approved Attendance Exemption Request Form for your records.