02.03.01 - Redetermination

Effective Date: 01/01/00,

Revisions: 01/01/18; 10/1/18, 10/1/19, 7/1/21

Cross Reference: 01.03.02 - Employment; 01.03.03 - Education & Training, 01.03.05 - Teen Parents

Policy Statement:

Eligibility for each family must be redetermined at the  end of the current eligibility period.


Documentation to support continued eligibility must be received as part of the eligibility redetermination process. The documentation requirements are the same as is required for determining initial eligibility. Please refer to 01.03.02 for employment related documentation, 01.03.03 for education and training documentation, and 01.03.05 for education documentation for teen parents.

  1. CCR&R and Sites Procedures
    1. Timely Submission of Redetermination
      1. Redetermination forms are mailed to the parent approximately 6 weeks prior to the eligibility expiration date.
        1. Redetermination forms may also be printed at the agency and given to the client in person.
      2. Parents must complete and return the Redetermination form and required eligibility documentation within ten (10) business days. The Redetermination form and eligibility documentation may be hand-delivered, mailed or faxed.
      3. Upon receipt of the Redetermination form, CCAP staff must:
        1. Date stamp the Redetermination form
        2. Enter the Redetermination information into CCMS. CCMS provides a record that the redetermination was received and acted on within ten (10) business days of receipt. In addition, CCMS identifies all missing information and tracks when a redetermination should be denied due to the failure to submit missing information. Refer to the CCMS Help Wizards and training materials for step-by-step instructions for entering the redetermination information into CCMS.
        3. Review the Redetermination Form in its entirety for completeness and required documentation. If eligibility information, documentation, or signature is missing, send a Request for Additional Information in accordance with the procedures outlined in 02.02.02.
      4.  Determine continued eligibility
      5. Send or give one of the following forms to the parent and the provider. 
        1. Approval of Request for Child Care Payments or;
        2.  Notice of Cancellation of Child Care Payments. If the case is determined to be ineligible, cancel the case giving a ten-day notice. Do not wait until the end of the eligibility period.
      6. After determining if the family is still eligible, send or give one of the following forms to the parent and the provider; 
        1. Approval of Request for Child Care Payments or,
        2. Notice of Cancellation of Child Care Payments. If the case is determined to be ineligible, cancel the case giving a ten-day notice. Do not wait until the end of the eligibility period.
    2. Late Submission of Redetermination - Received within 30 days of cancellation
      If the Redetermination form is not received and entered into  CCMS by close of business on the last day of the month preceding the month that eligibility ends, CCMS will automatically cancel the case giving a 30-day notice. Cancellation forms are automatically sent to the client, provider, and CCR&R (if they are managing any part of the case in CCMS) from IDHS in Springfield. If the Redetermination form and documentation are received within 30 days of the effective date of cancellation, the parent may be eligible for continuous service provided all eligibility factors are met.
    3. Late Submission of Redetermination
      If the Redetermination form and documentation are received more than 30 days after the effective date of cancellation, date stamp the materials received and follow the procedures outlined in 02.02.01 - Establishing Eligibility. Acceptance of the redetermination form after the case has been closed longer than 30 days does not imply that eligibility is retroactive or continuous. This step merely eliminates the need for the parent to complete a new application.
      All activity verification documents (pay stubs, school schedules…) must be current based on the date stamp of the late Redetermination submission. If current documentation is not included, a Request for Additional Information (RAI) must be sent to the client. All required system checks (IES, AWVS, KIDS…) must also be checked again in order to ensure correct and current information.
  2. Graduated Phase-Out

    At each twelve (12) month redetermination period, the family income must be calculated. 

    1. If the family's income is 250% or below of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), and all other eligibility criteria have been met, approve the case for a new 12-month eligibility period per CCAP policies and procedures.
    2. If the family's income exceeds 250% of the FPL, and does not exceed 85% of the State's Median Income (SMI), and all other eligibility criteria has been met:
      1. Approve the case for a 90-day eligibility period
      2. Issue an Approval notice.
      3. Include the following language in the COMMENTS section of the Approval Notice:
        • "Your family is no longer eligible for CCAP eligibility due to income, but CCAP will provide support for a remaining 90 calendar days to allow for family to transition to full cost of child care. Your family will have to meet the income guidelines for a new case if you would like to reapply at a later date."
      4. Generate a Notice of Cancellation for eligibility not to exceed 90-calendar days from the prior 12-Month eligibility period.
      5. If the family request child care assistance at any time after the cancelation date, the request must be treated as a new application and have family income below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level or less to qualify.
    3. If the family's income exceed 85% of SMI, Send a Notice of Cancellation of Child Care Payments to the Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s) and child care provider(s) indicating the date the effective date of cancellation. The cancelation form must be generated at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the effective date of the cancellation and must contain the last date of CCAP payment, reason for cancellation, and a statement that cancellation under Graduated Phase-out is not appealable through an Administrative Hearing.

Redeterminations received and approved after 10/1/2018 will include a graduated phase-out of care for applicants with increased income after the twelve-month eligibility period. Beginning 10/1/2018, graduated phase-out allows families to receive CCAP subsidies for up to an additional 90-calendar days. This phase-out period allows the client time to adjust family budgets in preparation for paying for the full cost of his/her child care.

If a family is no longer eligible for CCAP, the client and child care provider must be properly notified of ineligibility immediately of the determination, providing thirty (30) calendar days for adverse actions.

Document the case record of all actions taken in CCMS.