02.02.02 - Requests for Additional Information

Effective Date: 01/01/00, 04/01/17, 10/8/20

Reference: None

Policy Statement:

If a Child Care Application (Form IL444-3455) or a Request for Redetermination (Form IL444-3455E) is incomplete, requires clarification or is questionable, give the client and/or provider an opportunity to clarify or provide the missing information. When verification is needed to complete, clarify or resolve questionable information.  The Request for Additional Information must describe what documentation is required to complete, clarify or resolve questionable information to determine initial or continued eligibility. 


These procedures apply to Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies and Site Administered Providers.

Requests for Additional Information (RAI) may be sent to clients and providers during eligibility determination at the time of application or redetermination.  RAI may also be used when clients and providers need to update information on their case.  RAIs cannot be sent to clients during their eligibility period unless requested by the client.  Only information concerning a non-temporary loss of activity, income exceeding 85% SMI or moving outside of Illinois would be cause to cancel a case during an eligibility period.  RAIs submitted with change to contact and/or location information should be updated in CCMS. All other changes reported on an RAI should be case noted in CCMS. 


  1. Review the entire Child Care Application (Form IL444-3455) or Request for Redetermination (Form IL444-3455E) and identify all information that is missing or requires clarification to determine eligibility.
  2. If the missing information can be obtained over the phone or email, attempt to contact the client and/or provider twice by phone or email within the first 72 hours. -Under the CCMS Case tab, go to Verification on the left navigation panel; enter information under Add/Update Call. - This is used when contacts are made to confirm client wage, school, and/or training and activity. All case notes in CCMS must reflect attempted contacts.
  3. If the attempt to obtain information over the phone or email is unsuccessful, send a CCMS generated Request for Additional Information Form. Please clearly communicate all missing information or documents that is important to determining eligibility for the case. The information requested should be very specific.
  4. Do not return the original application under any circumstances. If a signature is missing, send a copy of the page highlighting the omission on the Child Care Application or the Request for Redetermination.
  5. Whether seeking additional information from the parent or provider, send an exact copy of the request to both parties by clicking on the Save for Mass Delivery button. If the worker clicks on the Save and Local Print button, the worker will need to send to both the parent and provider.
  6. Ensure that the RAI is included in the Documents screen of CCMS. If the worker requests a CCMS generated RAI, it should automatically be listed on the documents screen.
  7. Applicants must respond to all agency correspondence within specified timeframes. The information requested must be returned within ten (10) working days. Responses may be hand-delivered, mailed, or emailed. If you do not receive a response within 10 working days, deny an application using reason code #14, or cancel a case being redetermined using reason code #64.
  8. If the Request for Additional Information is returned within (10) working days and has partial information or conflicting information, attempt to contact by phone or email at least twice within 72 hours. If no response is received, case note your attempts and cancel/deny the case with the appropriate reason code.