IMHPAC: Meeting Minutes For February 22nd, 2018 Special Meeting

Draft Minutes

Respectfully Submitted by Ron Melka, Co-Chair and Andrea Cooke, acting Secretary


Committee members present: Ron Melka, Co-Chair, Andrea Cooke, Fred Friedman, Ray Connor, Cara Emrich, and Nanette Larson.

Ron called the meeting to order at 3:30pm.

Fred questioned whether he was co-chair of the Development Committee. Ron replied no. He remembered when he invited Fred to be on the committee that he told him he did not have to be co-chair.

Ron asked for comments about the agenda of the meeting. Hearing no comments he said the agenda will stand as presented.

Ron then asked for review of the minutes of the December 21, 2017 Committee Meeting. Fred made a motion to accept the minutes as presented. Andrea seconded. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Ron said that he sent out 30 day notices to several people on the Council roster who had not attended in a while. He said he heard back from Dr. Ray Martinez that he would no longer be on the Council. Donna Buss had previously responded that she could no longer be on the Council. Pearl Matlock sent an email to Ron that William Pluta wished to remain on the Council. After discussion it was decided that Ron would contact Pearl Matlock and explain that being a member of the council requires attendance per the bylaws. Given that all of the terms of the members in question had expired, and that the Committee is not recommending them to be reappointed, Ron said he would send out a letter thanking them for their service and telling them that their terms had ended.

Ron presented a roster of those members that the Committee would recommend that they will be continuing to serve and would require their membership to be voted on at the next IMHPAC meeting in March. Nanette gave Ron some changes to the roster.

Ron said that in order to have staggering expiring terms, the people whose terms expired in 2017 would be set to expire in 2020, the people whose terms expired in 2016 would expire in 2019, and the peoples' terms who expired in 2015 would expire in 2018. Ron asked for a motion to recommend this list of members to be reappointed, and reset everyone's terms. Fred made the motion. Ray seconded it. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Fred questioned whether we were in compliance with the membership guidelines for IMHPAC. Ron said we would have to have at least 45 members and no more than 55. Ron said we were short of consumers, the total number of members, regional representation and diversity. Fred

asked how the regions are represented. Nanette gave an explanation how DMH represents the regions. Nanette said Director Knaebe is sending out a general invitation for people to join the Council.

Ron asked who would be good to contact to recruit consumers. John Shustitzky said he is on the board of NAMI and can reach out to NAMI and its affiliates. Nanette mentioned AJ's group, Gift of Voice, as a possibility. Fred mentioned the Statewide Recovery and Empowerment call. Nanette mentioned Faces and Voices of Recovery. Fred said he will post it on Next Step's Facebook page. Nanette said she will notify the WRAP community and everyone with a CRSS credential. Nanette will also get it to Bursting Bubble. Nanette said also that when people reach out to us we should have a demographic sheet. John agreed to contact NAMI. Ron asked that each Committee member contact the organization they had suggested, and all agreed. Ron also said we can ask SAMHSA if it has demographic requirements for planning councils.

We discussed ways to nominate officers. Ron stated that as we did not have specific guidelines for a nomination process, and at the last IMHPAC meeting a motion passed giving the authority to elected officers by the full Council, we would be taking nominations from the floor. Fred suggested that we first take nominations from the floor. John suggested that the Development Committee create a slate and then get input from the Council. It was decided that we would be asking everyone for nominations of officers and give them until the end of the month of March to submit nominations. Then the Development Committee would meet in April, create a slate and present it to the IMHPAC membership for a vote at the May IMHPAC meeting.

Ron asked for public comment. There was none.

Ron asked for a motion to adjourn. Fred made the motion and Andrea seconded it. Motion carried. Ron adjourned the meeting at 4:25pm.