New Provider Guidance - Steps For CILA

The following is meant to provide guidance to the basic steps you must complete to become a CILA provider.  The links provided take you to more detailed information and/or instructions for that particular step.

Licensure/Enrollment- CILA PROVIDER

  • Attend New Provider Orientation (at least one person from agency must attend for the entire day).
  • Establish your official agency name and obtain your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). All business done with the State of Illinois uses your agency name and FEIN.  It is highly recommended to do this prior to submitting your application to Bureau of Accreditation, Licensure, and Certification (BALC).
  • Be sure that your property meets distance rules per Rule 115.310 
  • Become familiar with your city/village codes prior to entering any purchase or rent agreement (distance rules, allowing group homes in that area, sprinkler systems, etc.)
  • Request a CILA application from BALC.  BALC verifies your attendance at orientation prior to sending you the application.  Request a CILA application
  • Submit the CILA application to BALC with the required documents and the $200.00 nonrefundable application fee. This step includes a current electronic fingerprint background check done by Illinois Department of Public Health for the owner(s), and/or authorized representatives, registered agency, and officers or administrator.  If application is approved you will have an initial interview with BALC. Required Criminal background checks
  • If you pass the initial interview you are then required to submit policy and procedures, a projected two-year budget, sample case files, sample implementation strategies. If you do not pass the initial interview you may not reapply for one calendar year.
  • If your policies and procedures are approved you will receive a provisional CILA license in the mail. BALC will work with you in identifying areas that require revision.  If your policies and procedures are not approved you may not reapply for one calendar year.
  • After you receive your provisional license there will be additional courses and training you will be required to complete. The Bureau of Quality Enhancement will notify you of these requirements.
  • Obtain your agency's NPI (National Provider Identification Number). This number is required to enroll with DHS/DDD. National Provider Identification Number NPI


***Providers cannot complete enrollment steps until a notice of a provisional license is received from BALC.***

  •  A typed cover letter describing the services that your agency plans to provide. The letter should also include the name, phone number and email address of individuals that DDD Provider Enrollment should contact if there are questions about your enrollment information
  • IRS W-9 (Taxpayer Identification number and certification)Please review the IRS W-9 guidelines to ensure that the form has been completed accurately:DDD will notify you when your W-9 has been certified by the Comptroller
  • Provider Information Form (IL462-1246);  (Complete only General information Part A on the first page)
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Registration Request Form
  • Community Provider User ID and System Access Request (IL444-2022). (Under system access requested choose: Mobius, DDD reports, FTP Transmissions, eRIN, and under other write ROCS)  You will receive an email from Do IT (our technology division)that gives you a user ID for system access.  You may want to submit more than one person so you have a backup.
  • Copy of your agency's CILA license and/or Day Services certificate
  • Copy of the IRS Employee Identification Number (EIN) assignment letter (only if your agency is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with the Partnership tax classification or Single Member LLC)
  • Copy of the IRS acceptance letter verifying that the IRS has accepted the vendor's request to be considered a corporation.  (Only if your agency is a Limited Liability Company with the C corporation or S corporation tax status) 
  • Copy of your Not for Profit IRS determination letter (only if you are not for profit)
  • Enroll your agency as a DDD provider in ROCS (Reporting of Community Services) which is the Division's billing and service report system. NOTE: ROCS software is not compatible with MAC computers and some Microsoft operating systems. New providers should verify that the computer(s) that will be used to electronically submit billing to DHS/DD is compatible with the ROCS software. ROCS Download instructions  Questions regarding ROCS should be addressed to: or by phone at 217-785-9559.
  • Enroll in IMPACT (Illinois Medicaid Program Advanced Cloud Technology) by submitting a provider enrollment application by email. Be sure you have submitted your W-9 prior to enrolling. The IMPACT application must include names of: business owners, CEO, and if applicable, board of director's members. Request a CILA application You will get an email from Impact enrollment stating your IMPACT application is approved. Important IMPACT Information
  • DHS/DDD Staff will email you the four digit DHS ID number assigned to your company.  This number will be requested on DHS/DDD forms including the CILA rate packet.
  • Enroll in CIRAS (Critical Incident Reporting Analysis System) CIRAS Information The staff at DDD will enroll you in the Capacity Management Application (CMA).  Be sure to post your vacancies and keep them updated.  FAQs for CIRAS and CMA
  • After you are enrolled, you will receive a letter from the Bureau of Quality Enhancement that gives you a four digit Public Health Number.  You will use this number for the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Health Care Worker Portal. 
  • Be sure to get on the mailing list to receive Division updates. Division Mailing List Signup


Required Background Checks and Clearances

There is a webinar that discusses the various background checks.  "Required Background Checks and Clearances and Web Portal Instructions"  found at: Required background checks webinar

The following are checks that must be completed on all employees: Required Criminal background checks

  • Criminal background check prior to hire and annually thereafter.  You must request access to the IDPH Web Portal and register.  You must keep provider (employer) information current. 
  • Illinois State Police Fingerprint Criminal Background Check - report result to Health Care Worker Registry (HCWR).  This clearance includes criminal background, IDPH waiver for convictions, and/or any substantiated findings of abuse or neglect reported.  This must be completed at time of hire and annually thereafter. Actual fingerprints are only one time.
  • Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) CANTS - This shows any DCFS findings of abuse or neglect.  This must be completed at time of hire and annually thereafter. DCFS/CANTS checks
  • Illinois Sex Offender Registry Clearance - This must be completed at time of hire and annually thereafter.  Be sure to complete the one for Illinois, and not the national one.  Use only the individual's last name to search.  Print the page where their name would appear as validation for your file. Sex Offender Registry
  • Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) Sanctions list - need to clear the person's name on the online HFS OIG website.  If they are on the list they must get approval from HFS to hire.  Results of this clearance must be documented in the file or training records.  This must be completed prior to employment.  Be sure to use the search box at the top (Illinois) and not the search box at the bottom (national).  Use only the last name for the search. HFS/OIG Sanction List Information
  • Staff must be trained as DSP (DD Aide) or complete training prior to working alone. Training completion must be submitted to HCWR through SIU. Anyone that works as direct care staff with individuals more than 20% of the time needs to be trained as a DSP. Reporting training completion
  • Staff must have First Aid and CPR every two years.
  • Staff must have OIG Rule 50 training for abuse and neglect every two years. OIG Abuse and Neglect Training - Rule 50
  • Documentation of education. Documentation of education
  • Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) used to demonstrate 8th grade equivalence when completion of the 8th grade cannot be verified.  The TABE is required for all persons trained administer medications under RN delegation.  TABE
  • Providers may be reimbursed for staff training:

Staff training Billing and Reimbursement Process  Staff Training Reimbursement Manual

Other staff you need

  • RN who must have a current license in the State of Illinois with a copy of current license in file. 
  • RN trainer who must be certified with DHS/DDD and have evidence of that in file.  RN Trainer Rule 116 - Medication Administration 
  • RN trainer must train staff on medication administration and complete the Competency Based Training Assessment (CBTA) and nursing assessments. They also train DSPs on each of the individual's medications as well as any subsequent medication change.
  • A physician, pharmacist, or RN to be available to consult 24/7 with the DSPs that are administering medications.  These consultations must be documented in the individual record.
  • Behavior management and human rights committee.  Each agency is required to establish or ensure a process for the periodic review of behavior intervention and human rights issues involved in the individual's treatment and/or habilitation.  Need a chairperson to chair meetings.  Human Rights Chairperson
  • Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP).  QIDP
  • Residential Services Director Residential Services Director
  • Executive Director Executive Director

CILA Site considerations

  • Review BALC and BQM survey information/tools BALC/BQM survey information
  • Notify BALC when your property is ready and they will submit a request to the Office of State Fire Marshall (OSFM) to get on the inspection list.  Home must be inspected and cleared by OSFM. BALC contact information
  • BALC will inspect property prior to occupancy.
  • Contact ISC's in your area and introduce yourself.  You can locate all the ISC(s) agencies using the DHS office locator at: DHS office locator
  • Contact BALC when you admit your first person.  BALC will do a site visit within six months and if your agency passes their inspection, they will issue you your permanent license for 3 years.
  • When you receive an award letter, Bureau of Quality Management (BQM)  is notified and they send you a letter requesting a copy of your implementation strategy. You must have this approved before you can bill for CILA services. 
  • Sign up for direct deposit on the State of Illinois Comptroller's website - 217-557-0930.  Comptroller Direct Deposit
  • BQM will make an unannounced visit within the first year from the date of your first admission.
  • BQM offers technical assistance and mock reviews to assist you in preparing for surveys. New Provider Technical Assistance
  • Clinical services offers Rule 116 Technical Assistance.  You will receive an email from them offering this service.