Work Site Agreement

How to get to this page - Select a current Work Site Agreement or add a new Work Site Agreement on the Work Site Agreements page.

The Employment Details is information that comes from the Employment/Placement.  Any changes must be made through the Employment/Placement.

Work Site Agreement details

Work Site Detail Description
Agreement Start Date Required - First date for which time can be entered.  Cannot be prior to Employment Start Date of chosen employer.  Cannot be prior to Application Status (02) date.  Must be within current fiscal year.
Agreement End Date Required - Defaulted to June 30 of current fiscal year and must be within current fiscal year.  Last date for which time can be entered and/or counted toward outcome.  Cannot be prior to Agreement Start Date.
Work Site Type Options are Campus OJE/OJT, Community OJE/OJT, and Full Employer Paid.
Employer Portion Options are Full, Partial, and None.  Can only be Full when Work Site Type is Full Employer Paid.
Number of Contacts The number of times per month the STEP Case Manager will visit the student at the Work Site.