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1317-0358 (pdf) Accused physically and mentally abuse the victims by getting in the face of both victims, improperly holding their wrists against their seats for several seconds, and speaking to them in an intimidating fashion. Self-Report 5/18/17 5/18/17 9/10/18 10/10/18 9/27/18 9/27/18 (pdf)
1317-0362 (pdf) Accused physically abused the victim by grabbing him by one arm and under his arm, spinning him around with such force that he was lifted from the floor, and forcefully flinging him into the recliner. Self-Report 5/24/17 5/24/17 8/27/18 9/26/18 9/20/18 9/20/18 (pdf)
1318-0265 (pdf) Accused became agitated, spoke to the victim in an intimidating manner, twisted the victim's arm forward in a forceful, intimidating and provoking manner. Self-Report 2/7/18 2/7/18 9/20/18 10/20/18 10/2/18 10/2/18 (pdf)

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